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Buying in Bulk

April 8, 2018

I have run across SO many Pinterest ‘pins’ about buying in bulk it’s pathetic.  It actually ONLY depends on what YOU use!

This is the stupidest one I’ve ever read but considering it’s a sheeple I understand and forgive:  10 Things I always buy in bulk

Her list is Tampons, Toilet Paper, Toothbrushes, Shampoo & Conditioner, Vitamins, Beer/Wine/Booze, Laundry Soap, Meat and Diapers.

Those of us who prepare for disasters or WTSHTF know these are only for sheeple.

Tampons & Diapers – these are items full of chemicals that fill up the landfill and become a ecological disaster for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Plus where will you dispose of them ON your land if you’re off grid?  Bury? Burn? Leave on your neighbors land?

Lets look at Tampons 1) they are wrapped in plastic and 2) they use bleached cotton.  Both are not good for your health or your environment.  On top of that, a recent study found that 85% of tampons were contaminated with glyphosate (an herbicide linked to cancer) and that number was 100% when cotton gauze products were tested!

I, personally, cannot use them due to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).  I have an extreeeemly heavy flow which has gotten worse since I’ve started going through menopause.  I use Always Infinity Size 5 Extra Heavy Overnight Pads with wings for work and I go through 5-6 of them in an 9 hour shift!  I change 3 times each night!  Unfortunately I still work in a bar so I need to use these items, but at home I use diaper inserts.  I wash them the same as diapers.  I scrap off blood clots in the toilet, let soak in a peroxide solution in a 5-gallon bucket.

The Diva Cup is another option.  The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. Menstrual cups have existed since the 1930s when women were searching for an alternative to the choices of the time. Yet, its breakthrough into the feminine hygiene industry is much more recent.

I did the same for Diapers for my youngest.  She has a birth defect – Short Gut/Bowel Syndrome.  When she was in the ICU at Ochner Children’s Hospital she was going through a BAG of Diapers a day! I was on the dole and unable to work so my mother helped me get diapers and glass bottles from St Joseph’s Charity Stores in New Orleans.

Again I dunked cloth diapers in toilet while flushing for poop (yes, seat lid was up to prevent dripping on seat) then putting in 5-gallon bucket with 1 cup of peroxide.  Bleach is bad for the environment and damages newborn skin.  That is when grandma showed me how to make Herbal Salve for her diaper rash due to the highly acidic stool which tore up her little tush. I now sell the formula that my Hungarian Great-Grandmother brought with her from Hungary during WWII and has passed down in our family.

Toilet Paper – We use only single-ply and then ONLY for poop, then use cloth.  We use washcloths or homemade rags.  I wash out the color from mechanic rags and cut them into quarters then whip-stitch the edges and use them in the bathroom instead of TP!  Cleaner and safer for the environment!

Toothbrushes – This we do use and I’m working on a natural toothpaste.  Will update!

Shampoo & Conditioner – Seriously!  Have you read the ingredients?!?!  I make and sell Poo Bars! Commercial products contain so many chemicals that are absorbed into your scalp! The hot water opens the pores of your scalp and the chemicals are absorbed into your bloodstream!  YUCK!!

Also conditioner?  If you use a commercial shampoo then YES you do because they STRIP your scalp of the natural oils needed to protect your skin.  If you use a Poo Bars you only need an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.  That is just for tangles for long hair.  You don’t need to condition with a natural Poo Bars!

I recommend an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with a Mother rinse.  The basic recipe is 1 part ACV to 2 parts water.  I’m at 1/4c ACV to 2c water.  I just use on the ends of my hair.  My hair stops just above my bra line in the back.

Vitamins – Seriously!  If you eat healthy vitamins should not be necessary.  I do up my Iron intake during menstruation due to the blood loss but the blood work I do yearly show no need of artificial vitamins.  If you feel you do, make sure you get an age appropriate multi-vitamin.

Beer/Wine/Liqour – that is personal.  I currently live in VA with brother in law in MD.  The ABC store offers 10% discount for cases but only in MD.  So we order in MD and pick-up when visiting brother in law.  Beer – we make our own.  Wine – every store has $5 friday specials or other 6-pk specials.  So I purchase then.  I do pick up the odd bottle for special occasions but I mostly cook with my wine

Meat & Seafood – I use Zaycon Fresh and because I have a business I have a membership with Restaurant Depot.  BUT those aren’t close to a lot of areas.  You can shop by location or product and the quality is awesome!  You find the date and location that suits your needs.  Get there early because there is a LINE!  You bring a copy of your email.

There are 2 guys on the truck, one checks and the other puts it in your trunk.  You are in a line of cars, when you’re loaded you leave. So simple!

Now it does come in LARGE quantities so be ready when you get home to break it down!  Chicken breasts come in a 20# BOX!!  Two large bags!!

I use a Foodsaver, why?  After 40+ years of trying cheap, pay for quality.  Foodsaver is a brand name product with the clout and warranty behind it.  I’ve gotten those $60 BJ’s ones or Costco or Sam’s Club and they lose their vacuum ability over time and use.  I’ve forgotten a Foodsaver in storage after Katrina and found it and it worked perfectly after being in storage for 2 YEARS!! Your vacuum bags you can get cheaper.



Seed Lists

January 31, 2018

I’ve been prepping on an off for several years and at 50 I’ve come to several conclusions:

1) There are TONS of people selling “Seed Kits.”

Yes, but honestly do you eat everything in the kit?  And their price of $50!! WOW!  That is outrageous!  Lowe’s and Home Depot has their seeds out in February and March and guess what?!?  They’re in Mylar!!

So JUST get the veggies you WILL eat.  We’ll go through the list later to help you!

2) They are non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds.

What does that mean?  Non-hybrid?  This means it is the ORIGINAL plant, when you see it in catalogs, online or even look at the package you’ll see a F1.  This means it’s a hybrid.  These are seeds that are cross-pollinated for the aspects and features wanted; ie, juicer, blossom rot resistant, etc.

You cannot save those seeds and re-use them next season, why? They will go back to the characteristic of their parent plant.  You might not like what you get, also sometimes they are sterile!

3) Stick with proven producers.

True, you may not get a s many veggies or they may not be perfectly red but they will grow EVERY year!

4) You need to practice NOW! 

Don’t expect the STHTF and suddenly grow an amazing garden on your first try!  It takes practice and a learning curve.  Even if you only have a window, put a cheap shelf up and practice with herbs.

5) Save your own seeds!

I would recommend marking every 5th plant as a seed plant.  Harvest ONLY for seeds.  That way you’re assured of a viable seed for next years harvest.

Everything in moderation including moderation!

One list pushes the Ark Institute seed list.  Their starter set for $47.  I personally wouldn’t buy it why?  Lets go through the list:

200 – 2 Dry Bean Varieties, 100 Green Beans, 100 Sweet Corn, 100 Snap Peas, 50 Butternut Squash, 25 Zucchini Squash, 100 Sugar Baby Watermelon, 25 Bell Pepper, 300 Parsnips, 200 Beets, 100 Yellow Onions, 200 Spinach, 200 Radishes, 100 Pickling Cucumbers, 200 Kale, 1000 Lettuce, 500 Arugula, 500 Broccoli, 500 Cabbage, 1000 Carrots, 100 Swiss Chard, 100 Brussel Sprouts, 300 – 2 Tomato Varieties


What bean varieties?  I actually have grown seeds from the bags I’ve purchased in the grocery store.  Guess what?  I’m already eating them!!

Green Beans – I loathe green beans.  I can ONLY eat them fresh or pickled for Bloody Mary’s!  When I do make them I only make ONE dish: Saute bacon, remove bacon and in grease cook chopped onions, garlic and small diced red or waxy potatoes (Don’t use baking potateoes as they turn to mush!); I usually add 1/2 cup water, cover and let water cook off which cooks potatoes.  I then remove lid and start to brown potatoes, I then add green beans cut into 1″ segments.  Cook until bright green.  Remove from heat, S&P when you server on plate.  DONE!

Sweet Corn is a misnomer.  IF you pick corn when they are still young then it will be sweet but if you let it mature it becomes field corn. That is the only difference.  I would also get strawberry corn,  It’s an Indian corn which makes amazing popcorn!

Snap Peas is great for snacking, I’d also add snow peas.  Stir fry is quick filling and can use a variety of veggies!

Butternut Squash, I have one word…YUCK!!!  I cannot stand butternut, but I do love Acorn and Blue Hubbard.  Now Blue Hubbard are bland as heck but they can be baked into a pie!!

Zucchini Squash again another I don’t care for.  I prefer Yellow or Crook Neck Squash.  Mum used to stuff them with shrimp (it’s a New Orleans thing!!) dressing and they were tolerable.  I will warn you they are PROLIFIC!  So only start with one or two!  You will ALWAYS find a HUGE one under leaves.  I have shredded them and used them for filler for Banana Walnut Bread. Otherwise not too fond of them.  I also love Mirliton!  The spanish call them Chayote.  In Louisiana we grow them along back fences, they are prolific and wonderful!  Very bland so they’re great at taking on the flavors they’re cooked with!

Sugar Baby Watermelon, nope!  Not a fruit I will EVERY eat.  Can’t stand the smell of them either.  I do like casaba and honeydew though.  Go figure!

Here is from the above list I WILL NOT EAT: Parsnips, Beets, Swiss Chard.  Can’t stand them!

Bell Pepper don’t care for them but I do cook with them because they’re part of the Cajun Trinity.  I dehydrate them and use a tbsp in my gumbo’s.  I just don’t like their flavor.

Yellow Onions are a staple but I love Cipollini onions they are very mild.  I love Red onions and Vidalia onions so I would grow several varieties.  I also love green onion, leeks, and shallots.  So I would have lots of these!

Spinach is awesome but I would go with Malabar spinach.  It’s a perennial that may be “eaten raw in salads, boiled, steamed, stir-fried, or added to soups, stews, tofu dishes, and curries. … Since red-stemmed Malabar spinach can lose a lot of its red color when cooked, perhaps it is best utilized (visually speaking) in raw dishes.” Talk about a versatile veggie!

Radishes not too often.  I can have a couple in salads but not a fan.

Pickling Cucumbers you should actually have a couple varieties.  Eating and pickling.  I also love gherkins so gotta have my baby sweet pickles!

Kale is a good staple.  There are varieties you can use in your garden around your walkway an it does’t look like you’re pepping!  I mix with spinach to make a quickie breakie quiche for us during the winter!

Lettuce – I have several varieties as I also do sprouts.

Arugula I don’t care for the bitterness but hubby loves it.  I make a quickie salad for him with arugula (rocket in the UK), shaved pecerino cheese, lemon juice, truffle oil and fresh cracked pepper.

Broccoli is difficult to grow.  Be warned.  It is awesome and amazing.  I also grow cauliflower.  I roast it for sandwiches and use the immersion blender with a leek and make cauliflower and leek soup!

Cabbage there are several varieties love the red.  great salad blend!

Carrots try several varieties.

Brussel Sprouts are VERY difficult to grow and have a loooooong growing season!

2 Tomato Varieties we have Mom’s Paste, Black Cherokee, a cherry and Roma.  good varieties and lots of veggies.

SO, as you can see not everyone will eat what’s in those seed kits.  Think about what YOU will actually eat, what do you like? What can you trade with? Do you even like veggies! These are some questions only you can answer!  Be honest and then get what YOU will eat.


Chinese government admits one-fifth of farm lands heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic and lead

December 26, 2016

For the past few months, Natural News has been warning the world about toxic heavy metals found in foods, superfoods and dietary supplements grown in China. Our Natural News Forensic Food Lab has produced breakthrough results showing, for example, that rice protein imported from China is significantly contaminated with lead, cadmium and tungsten — all industrial heavy metals.

Some greed-driven promoters of rice protein initially insisted all these heavy metals were “naturally occurring,” but now the Chinese government has gone on the record confirming the truth: China’s farm lands are heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals, and this has now been scientifically documented and proven by Chinese researchers and publicly released by Chinese authorities.

19.4% of China’s farm lands contaminated with toxic heavy metals

According to this statement by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in China, 19.4% of the nation’s arable land has been heavily contaminated by toxic heavy metals.

82.8% of the contaminants found on farms are “inorganic” contaminants which include cadmium, mercury, arsenic, copper and lead — all toxic heavy metals we’ve been investigating in foods and superfoods at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs.

This confirms my detailed video explanation where I destroy the absurd “naturally occurring” argument being pushed by importers of contaminated foods and superfoods from China. Click here to watch the video now.

The false argument being made by heavy metals denialists was that when heavy metals are released by industrial smoke stacks, they begin as “pollutants,” but after they settle on farms, they become “natural.” Therefore, the deniers claimed, lead and cadmium in rice protein was “naturally occurring.”

I have personally conducted the scientific research to document cadmium levels at over 2.5 ppm in certified organic rice protein products sold in the USA (and imported from China) as “certified organic.” These levels have been independently confirmed by rice protein manufacturers. None of the lab results published at Natural News have ever been disputed. In fact, they have been confirmed by numerous third-party laboratories.

Now we know why: “China released a report April 17 disclosing that 16.1 percent of the country’s soil and nearly 20 percent of its arable land has been contaminated, largely by heavy metals such as cadmium, nickel and arsenic. This is the price the country is paying for its meteoric rise over the last 35 years, with little thought given to protecting the environment,” reports the Japan Times (1).

“The latest report suggests that the situation has greatly worsened since the 2006 report, with twice the amount of arable land now being contaminated… Clearly much of China’s soil is contaminated and heavy metals are entering the food chain, with dire consequences for consumers,” Japan Times added.

The BBC chimes in with the headline, “Report: One fifth of China’s soil contaminated.” (2)

Americans being poisoned by toxic heavy metals imported from China

To my knowledge, no one in America other than Natural News is currently sounding the alarm on this issue of heavy metals in organic superfoods and natural products. There are thousands of certified organic proteins, superfoods, herbal supplements and other products being imported into the United States and sold as “organic” even though they are heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals.

In my own ICP-MS laboratory, I’m seeing very high levels of lead and cadmium in all sorts of products imported from China, including rice protein and Ginkgo Biloba herbal supplements.

According to the Chinese government, 82.8% of the non-organic produce grown in China exceeds the government’s heavy metals limits. (You have to read the Chinese announcement to get this.)

That means four out of five fruits and vegetables grown in China are so toxic that they’re sold in violation of the government’s own limits!

These are the same soils in which “organic” herbs, superfoods and dietary supplements are grown before they are imported into the USA. And yet herbs, proteins and “superfoods” produced in China can be imported into the USA regardless of their heavy metals content. That’s because neither the FDA nor the USDA has any limits whatsoever on heavy metals contamination of foods. So products that are heavily contaminated with industrial heavy metals are imported into the USA every single day and sold on the shelves of health food retailers like Whole Foods.

Alarming levels of cadmium and lead found in products purchased at Whole Foods earlier this week

As part of my own scientific testing of heavy metals contaminants in the food supply, I purchased rice protein products from Whole Foods in Austin Texas on 4/28. Here are just the highlights of what I found (more details coming on this story in the next two weeks with full lab results):

• “Raw” Protein (Vanilla) at over .3 ppm lead and nearly 2.0 ppm cadmium

• “Truganic” Protein at over .3 ppm lead and nearly 1.8 ppm cadmium

• Grass superfood powder at over .4 ppm lead and over .8 ppm cadmium

• Brown rice protein powder at over .3 ppm lead and over 1 ppm cadmium

I’ve also found Ginkgo Biloba herbs grown in China and sold in the USA to contain over 5.0 ppm lead. (The Whole Foods brand of ginkgo capsules, however, turns out to be very clean with less than .04 ppm lead.)

The debate is over: Foods, superfoods, herbs and organics from China are heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals

There is no longer any debate on this issue of heavy metals in products imported from China. The Chinese government has now publicly admitted one-fifth of its farm lands are heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals.

Even the BBC has covered the story, reporting (2):

About 82.8% of the polluted land was contaminated by inorganic materials, with levels noticeably higher than the previous survey between 1986 and 1990… The report had previously been classified as a state secret because of its sensitivity. “Due to long periods of extensive industrial development and high pollutant emissions, some regions have suffered deteriorating land quality and serious soil pollution.”

That this information even came out was nothing short of a political miracle in China. As the New Straits Times is now reporting (3):

Premier Li Keqiang signed a directive ordering officials not to use “state secrets” as an excuse to avoid disclosing information that should be public knowledge. The release of the soil contamination report appears to be a direct result of this directive.

Awareness is rapidly spreading on this issue across the USA, too. Natural News has spearheaded this effort and has already worked with leading rice protein manufacturers to reach agreement on voluntary heavy metals limits for their products.

Companies like Jarrow Formulas, however, have so far refused to agree to those limits. The latest batch of Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein, Lot# 50696014, shows lead at .312 ppm and cadmium at 1.015 ppm with the heavy metal tungsten also detected at significant levels.

Jarrow Formulas, like nearly every other rice protein manufacturer, is right now selling products that contain toxic, cancer-causing heavy metals contaminants. This fact is irrefutable. The Chinese government’s admission that its farm lands are widely contaminated with toxic heavy metals explains where much of this is coming from.

Natural products retailers remain in a state of total denial

The natural products industry, encompassing many independent online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar stores, remains in a state of total denial about the toxic heavy metals they are selling to their customers.

To my knowledge, not one retailer has yet pulled any of these contaminated products off their shelves. Where there’s money to be made by moving products contaminated with heavy metals, there’s one thing you can count on from natural products retailers: SILENCE.

Fearful of a wave of refunds (or even class action lawsuits), everyone’s lips are sealed on this hidden epidemic of heavy metals poisoning. And through this silence, retailers continue to sell contaminated products containing alarming concentrations of known poisons without alerting their customers to the facts.

It seems that every retailer currently selling rice protein in the USA is, knowingly or unknowingly, complicit in this cover-up. The toxic metals they are selling are fully known to cause kidney damage, heart disease, skin disorders, cancer, bone disorders and brain disorders. The lead found in these products is widely known to damage developing brains and lower IQs. Virtually no one in the industry seems to think their customers should be alerted to this fact. To me, that’s disgusting and grossly immoral.

Right now, I believe that every retailer of contaminated products from China has an ethical and social obligation to stop selling contaminated products and warn their customers about products which are contaminated.

Continued denial of this industry-wide problem is highly unethical and possibly even legally negligent. Those who continue selling these heavily contaminated products should be heavily pressured by the health-conscious community to clean up their act!

How the cover-up continues

Sadly, there is no law in the USA requiring herbs, supplements, proteins or other products be labeled with their country of origin.

Manufacturers routinely import raw materials from China, then label them with amazing-sounding descriptions that often mislead consumers.

Case in point: Take the Warrior Food product from Warrior Force, a company I really admire for their positive intentions, by the way. They are also working hard on improving their formula and I expect they will have substantially cleaner product available soon. But their current label on their current product is simply misleading, claiming the product is “NON-TOXIC” and “100% TruGanic” with the claim that it is “a purist, hard-core, quality standard significantly beyond Organic standards, with much more stringent criteria and actual verification via testing that Organic does not have.”

Yet when I tested Warrior Food Lot #31105010, purchased from Whole Foods on 4/28/2014, I found this product to contain:

• .3 ppm lead
• 1.791 ppm cadmium
• Substantial levels of tungsten

On the good news side, the great people at Warrior Force are working hard on new formulations and I expect to see these numbers drastically improve in the near future. Warrior Force has enthusiastically signed on with our voluntary heavy metals limits, and I fully expect they will be one of the first manufacturers to introduce a low-metals rice protein into the marketplace.

Yet, at the same time, I have to honestly and authentically ask how could these levels of contaminants exist in their product in the first place if they have “a purist, hard-core, quality standard significantly beyond Organic standards, with much more stringent criteria and actual verification via testing” as they claim?

It doesn’t add up. Somewhere along the line, someone made a decision that these levels of lead and cadmium were okay for customers to eat. That’s a huge error and it strongly contradicts the stated philosophy of the company. This is NOT okay! If it’s so much better than organic, why does it still contain heavy metals at such levels?

If you bought products from China, take action now

There are all sorts of products you’ve probably been purchasing from China without knowing it. Rice protein is just one, but China also produces a huge percentage of the herbs, vegetable powders, grass powders and even many superfruits sold across the natural products industry. Most of the grass powders sold in the USA, for example, are actually grown in China. Many of the “bulk herbs” sold on and other retailers are also heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals because they are imported from China.

For example, when I tested Ginkgo Biloba herbs grown in the USA, lead and cadmium levels were near zero. But when I tested Ginkgo imported from China, it showed an alarming 5 ppm of lead, a level that would raise alarm with anyone educated in food contamination issues.

The bottom line in all this? If you don’t want to poison yourself with toxic heavy metals from China, you need to immediately start taking these steps on the foods, proteins, supplements and herbs you consume:

STEP 1) Ask the manufacturer for the country of origin.

STEP 2) Ask the manufacturer for heavy metals lab results for YOUR lot number (printed on every bottle).

STEP 3) Reject retailers that continue to sell heavily contaminated products. Demand that retailers set quality control standards which encompass heavy metals contamination issues.

What levels are okay? A good starting place is the site I created, which offers a generous grading system for heavy metals concentrations. I personally reject all raw materials worse than grade “A.” Many rice proteins sold today are grade “B” which is entirely unacceptable given the huge quantities that people consume (serving sizes are typically around 23 grams).

Right now, just one scoop of contaminated rice protein can expose you to over 15 – 20 times the daily lead limit of Proposition 65 in California. That’s unacceptable. Rice protein companies need to be at grade “A” or better, in my view as a food science researcher.

The good news is that companies are rapidly moving in that direction, and I fully expect to see some cleaner rice proteins on store shelves by this August (and possibly even in July).

Until then, I strongly recommend you switch to some other protein. 365 brand Whey Protein Powder from Whole Foods contains almost zero lead or cadmium, and a brand called “Tera’s Whey” was super clean, clocking in at just .012 ppm lead and .078 ppm cadmium (with zero tungsten detected). These are about the best numbers you’ll ever find.

Life’s Basics Plant Protein Mix (from LifeTime) sold at Whole Foods (Lot #3793) was also remarkably clean for a plant-based protein, turning in lead number of just .023 ppb and cadmium of just .068 ppm. Both are extremely low — among the lowest you’ll find in plant protein.

I’ll be bringing you more official, detailed reports on all this in the coming weeks. Watch for many more explosive reports on heavy metals during the month of May.

See all lab results we’ve published so far at:

Sources for this article include:



Also see this report from China (PDF):…


December 14, 2016

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Good morning all!

April 25, 2010

How is everyone doing on this fine day? It’s 3am, 54 degrees and rainy. Which means good snuggling weather! But Joe is at work, so I’ve got to content myself with 3 fur-babies.

Feeling much better today. I think I’m starting the “change” as Aunt Flo has been here since monday It took 3 days to start! Plus my moods have been awful. I mean we aren’t happy with what’s going on in our life right now. Joe’s been moved to yet another store! He got pushed out by a union person, because a union person has more rights than an employee! He was without a store for almost 2 weeks. He’s finally in a new store, but he found out the store is going to write up one of his stockers for disappearing and leaving property without clocking out for 2 hours a night. He said the store is a disaster. But he will fix it, he always does.

I’m doing okay in school. Not happy with instructor, but I only have her for 6 weeks of which 3 are left. YEAH! Doing okay in Paralegal Studies. Working part-time doing resets again. Not happy, but it’s a job. I’ve applied for several other part time jobs until I graduate and can find a paralegal job.

Keep reading about this Health Care bill and it scares me more and more. Something has to break. Too many people living on the Dole and not enough putting money into the system. But those are the people putting politicians into office who keep voting for “public help” when they don’t really care about their constituents. They only care about staying in office. Hardworking American’s are getting tired of paying for politicians pet projects.

The Constitution actually gives us the right to get rid of the current government for one the People want. So far, the People aren’t happy with the current regime. It’s no longer an American Government. Our Founding Father’s would turn over in their grave if they saw what America has turned into.

Prepare for the end, it draws near.