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Get ready for USPS and FedEx rate increases in January

December 27, 2016

FedEx and the United States Postal Service will be raising their rates on January 2 and January 22, respectively.

FedEx rates will increase by an average of between 3.9 percent and 4.9 percent – depending on the shipping service.

USPS domestic rates will increase by an average of 3.9 percent with no change for international mail classes.

Gotta pay for those pensions!


From A Taste of Creole

December 25, 2016



Transparency! Protect your access to low fares!

December 14, 2016

Delta Air Lines and other carriers are blocking information about fares and fees from travel sites like TripAdvisor. As a result, some fares are hidden — which may prevent consumers like you from making informed decisions about air travel. This lack of transparency also reduces competition, leading to higher fares.
The U.S. Department of Transportation has asked the public to weigh in on fare transparency, and since TripAdvisor amplifies the voices of travelers, we want to hear from you! Visit to tell the government that fare transparency matters.

Freedom Debt Relief, Behind The Hype

September 14, 2016

The spokesman says you can “reduce your debt by up to 50 percent and make one low monthly payment,” in a TV ad for Freedom Debt Relief. The company says it can help you eliminate debt in as little as 24 to 48 months without credit counseling or declaring bankruptcy. Instead, it will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount you owe. But according to a recent lawsuit filed against the company, many people who signed on with Freedom Debt Relief increased their debt loads; some declared bankruptcy.

A lawsuit claimed FDR’s promised debt reductions fell far short of 50 percent.

The real deal

Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) claims to be a leader in the debt-settlement industry and says it has helped consumers erase more than $500 million in debt since 2003. (FDR is also an umbrella group that includes, Freedom Financial Network, Freedom Tax Relief, and several others.) It operates like other settlement companies often do. Customers deposit about 15 percent of the amount they owe into a bank account and give FDR power of attorney so that it can access the money to settle their debts.

A 2009 lawsuit brought by the district attorney’s office in San Mateo, Calif., charged that the company often “did not even contact all of the consumers’ creditors to negotiate a settlement.” After months of being told FDR was settling their accounts, many consumers found that creditors had sent their accounts to a collection agency or had initiated legal actions against them, the suit alleged. It also charged that many clients never finished the debt-relief program, even after months or years. But Freedom Debt Relief continued to charge them for administrative and service fees for about the first 18 months the accounts were open. In addition, the suit said, customers who wanted to find out the status of their settlements were often rebuffed by the company, and some were denied the money-back guarantee it advertises.

To settle the lawsuit, FDR agreed to pay the San Mateo County district attorney’s office and the California Department of Corporations $450,000 in fees and court costs and $500,000 in refunds to customers without admitting wrongdoing.

As a result of the suit, an earlier complaint by the California Department of Corporations alleging that FDR operated in the state for seven years without a license, in violation of a 2002 desist and refrain order, was withdrawn. FDR has also been forced to refund money to customers in Colorado and Rhode Island. And New York’s attorney general is investigating FDR and 13 other debt-settlement firms.

The bottom line

People who are deep in debt should first talk with each creditor to see if it has a plan for hardship cases that might allow them to reduce their payments. If collection agencies are calling, try to negotiate a reduction in principal, which is what a debt-resolution company promises to do. If you’re successful, you may have to pay taxes on the total that was forgiven.

If you can’t handle negotiating with creditors on your own, find a nonprofit credit counselor through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, at, or by calling 800-388-2227.

If those strategies don’t work, you may want to declare bankruptcy. Contact the American Bankruptcy Institute ( or the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys ( to find an attorney who can help you.

This article appeared in Consumer Reports Money Adviser.

Best Buy’s Make-Up

February 21, 2010

I have been off line for some time due to the laptop dying. My brand new xmas gift! Best Buy had it for the 3rd time and realized they couldn’t fix it! I, personally, think it was a reconditioned laptop not a new one.

We got a HP Pavilion. This time I got the warranty. I don’t trust them, but it’s covered for 2 years. AND I’m not taking it to the Stafford store. I will drive to another one for work.

I would like to put XP Pro on the laptop, but don’t know how! I’m at such a loss! I did make the recovery disks.

I’m a week behind in school My classes are Paralegal Ethics & American Government. Waiting on my first grade!




January 28, 2010

I absolutely hate BB&T. I transferred out all my money to close out the account tomorrow on my day off.

Guess what?!?! They charged me $2 for “The Plus Fee” THEN $7 for the overdraft protection fee! And considering it’s 12:41AM EST there is NO customer service!

Joe is ticked. Can’t even call Customer Service until 6AM! What a GREAT way to start the day!

Anything to screw you! I had to fight them with PAST print outs of my account to prove THEY deliberately held up 5 small payments for one BIG one. I proved they small ones should have gone through a WEEK before the big one. But they held it up to charge me $170 in overdraft fees!

Took me 2 weeks to get them to fix it, WITH them holding up my next deposit. I just got it cleared up, then transferred the money out this week and was going to go in tomorrow to close account.

But they got me. ONE DAY! What a bunch of blood suckers!