The utter stupidity of the privileged!

Thank you for your well written and interesting piece. I comment with respect but obvious passion. I do not intend to me mean. I sense our young are deeply unmoored from our history and values. Hence, I push back,. I’m sure you are a good, kind American. However, I respond to your tone and general ideas. You seem to have the leftist value system quite down and pat with the words you use and values you seem to embrace. Our leftist indoctrination centers, now called our Universities, have done well. Indeed, as you sit in your pristine dorms on your country club- like campus with its gyms and rock climbing walls, well stocked student health centers, and high end food courts, do tell us all what a terrible country you live in, this racist, sexist, xenophobic, colonizing, capitalistic, homophobic, Islamo-phobic dystopia. Do tell us the fantasy.

In the Bible, chock full of wisdom, a work which I presume you have not read, and if so, consider a screed of white heterosexist Western Jewish and Christian oppressors, it says “And there came a new generation; And they knew not Joseph.” In the same vein, here at Stanford , as in most of our colleges, there has come a generation and they knew not America. The notions you put forth in general about the West and America are lies. The proscriptions you embrace are regressive, illiberal, destructive and immoral. They will lead to catastrophe; collapse of a fragile and beautiful Western civilization. Let’s touch on a couple.

Our Western system of subjugation: For tens of thousands of years, the default mode of human civilization was indeed subjugation. It was the world of the powerful over the weak, tough guy over nerd, king over vassal, man over the woman. And then came, not leftist students steeped in the foolishness and toxicity of Marxism, whining about the West, micro-aggressions, trigger warnings, constitutional conservatives, and carbon emissions, but beautiful Western values brought to us through that Bible , Judaism, Christianity, Greece, Rome and the men of the Enlightenment like Locke, Adam Smith, Montesquieu, and Madison. And then what happened dear scholars? The subjugation all over the planet, but particularly in the home of those values, the West, stopped or powerfully subsided because, as it says in our beautiful Bible and Declaration of Independence, there is a God, he gives us morality and in that moral world, all men are created equal. That idea among many turned it around for the first time- created a beautiful Western revolution in human life. And young scholars, indeed, that’s how we get the beautiful world of Stanford full of free, very un-subjugated, but outrageously ignorant and ungrateful young people who do not know America.

Our Western system of capitalist greed and oppression: Since the million or so years ago when our hominid ancestors came off the plains of Eastern Africa, the human default mode has been a short life of, as they say, “quiet desperation”. The default then and now is life spent typically in hunger, cold, illness and nakedness.

But again, along came the value system of the West. Out of Jerusalem. Athens, Rome, and Philadelphia came new,beautiful and elevated notions of human freedom and free market capitalism. And dear scholars, then what happened was not greed , oppression, and darkness. What came was billions of humans lifted out of the default. What resulted was billions of humans now well clothed , fed, healthy, and happy.

And what you proscribe for us now forgetful ones? You proscribe utter regression- The Bern and The Hillary’s, The Barak’s, taking us back to top- down, iron- fisted brutalizing and centralized government power and subjugation. You proscribe taking us back to socialism with its wild wealth and liberty destruction machinery. You proscribe taking us back to racism and vulgarity where a man is judged and hired based on the number of polymerized tyrosine molecules in his skin, who he likes to have sex with or whether he is planning to have his genitals surgically removed. Indeed you reject America and Western values with your brutal leftism. And in so doing you advocate for the darkness once more.

Religion: With the rejection of Western Civilization, leftism also reject its Judeo- Christian foundation. And in that foundation is the obligation of thankfulness. Each day each of you should awake and give profound thanks you live here in Western culture where you are free, healthy and wealthy beyond belief; where opportunity beckons. But instead ,you whine and complain about the fantasy misery of your lives. No God- no gratitude. No West- no light.

A generation has indeed come, and they do not know America. Shame on you.

Check out some truly Western Values at the five minute great “courses” at Prager University. They may help lead you back to the light. Here are a few to start with.

5 minutes: What Matters Most in Life

5 minutes: Why Be Happy?

5 minutes: Myths and Lies about Capitalism

5 minutes: The Bigger the Government/The Smaller the Citizen

Reply #2:

Interesting that the essay begins by sneering at Kipling. The people of India were profoundly grateful to Kipling for writing the novel Kim — for giving them their homeland of India in a way that they themselves were not in the position to have done. Kipling was far more deeply involved with that culture than the author of this article can imagine; and with other cultures too. He loved India, I daresay, better than he loved England, and the boy-hero of Kim, “Friend of All the World,” works with an Englishman, a Muslim, and an Indian to thwart the ambitions of Russians invading in the Punjab, all while he accompanies a holy elderly Buddhist monk from Tibet, who is on a pilgrimage to a holy river whose location he does not know.

Interesting also that the author exhibits not the slightest idea that SHE is the colonialist here. SHE is the one who assumes that the categories of a decadent west must now be applied all through the world, whether the rest of the world likes it or not — see the UN’s attempts to use the withholding of financial aid as a threat against African nations who do not want to climb on the bandwagon of the sexual revolution.

For this author, all is political — yet her actual knowledge of history and of the many cultures that have made up western civilization is at best spotty. Junipero Serra guilty of genocide — unbelievable. The letters of Father Serra, and the biographical account of his establishment of the missions in southern California, are readily available. I suggest that the author read them, rather than engage in pre-judice: pre-judgment of human beings based upon her political partisanship.

Meanwhile, Stanford students will continue to graduate without any decent knowledge of the suppositions underlying their own (peculiarly modern) prejudices. They will know nothing of Thomas Aquinas — for example; and perhaps will not even know his name. They will be largely ignorant of the great literature of their own language. They will be ignorant of the philosophical opponents of the positions they now take for granted. They will not know what connects Descartes to themselves, and why that is not necessarily a good thing. And let us not get to the works of wonder that they will not be immersed in; because if people will not be immersed in the great works from their own civilization, which are at least somewhat accessible, it is highly unlikely that they will immerse themselves in any other.


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