Gun collector faces jail over illegal arsenal

A MAN who kept an arsenal of fake guns in his inner-city apartment is facing a potential prison sentence of five years.

Military enthusiast Corey Harrison, 27, has not formally entered a plea to a number of charges, including nine counts of possessing realistic Airsoft rifles.

Corey Harrison leaves the Downing Centre Local Court yesterday.

Harrison had his sentence adjourned yesterday at Downing Centre Local Court for nine counts of possessing firearms, three counts of possessing prohibited weapons and two counts of possessing prohibited drugs at his Pyrmont unit.

Detectives from the firearms squad raided Harrison’s Bunn St unit in September last year, allegedly seizing nine Airsoft firearms including a replica AK47, Scorpion sub-machinegun, an L96 sniper rifle and a Glock pistol.

They also allegedly seized knuckle dusters, a homemade sling shot, 2.42g of ice and a small amount of oxycodone.

Airsoft weapons are made of plastic and low grade metal which shoot rubber pellets and are used in skirmish-style games similar to paintball.


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