Supposed “Refugees” Escaping Oppression Are Complaining Sweden Is “Too Free” And Are Returning To The Middle East

A refugee, by definition, is a person who is forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or a natural disaster. Over the last year, millions of refugees have fled the Middle Eastern countries, due to the wars that have raged, after the establishment of the caliphate known as the Islamic State.

The Drive By Media has been presenting the notion that the majority of these refugees are fleeing for their lives, and are running from war torn countries like Syria. The narrative, pushed even by the White House, has been that the majority of these immigrants are women and 3-year-old orphans who are fleeing out of fear. However, some media outlets have been inadvertently exposing the falsehood of this narrative in an effort to create sympathy for the refugees.

The Huffington Post has recently reported that many immigrants are finding their living conditions to be unsuitable in their new found countries. Some have complained about the length of time that the immigration process is taking. Others have complained about their inability to bring their family members in a timely manner. These arguments, given by actual refugees, give credit to the argument that many refugees are not fleeing war, but are instead just seeking a better life or an improved economic opportunity.

Some of the quotes from the refugees included

Hamadi :

“I might go back to Turkey, or to Lebanon. I don’t know exactly. But I will go back to a society that’s a better fit for me.”

Abu-Adel speaking of his children :

“I cannot raise them here. The great margin of freedom, which borders on chaos, has turned into a ghost that haunts me everywhere I go,” he said. “The independence that children get, and their freedom to do as they please”. He continued that he is used to a “conservative” society. And that “I can’t imagine myself sitting in the spectator chair if my son decides to drink alcohol. Everything is allowed there, and I can’t possibly go on like this.”

Agaan, a 22 year old refugee, was supposedly saved by the people from Sweden from persecution. But he said he was unsuited for “Western lifestyles”. And he continued bashing the people of Sweden as “antisocial, introverted and lacking in communication skills.” So not exactly grateful.

He also said

“Streets are empty past 6 p.m. There are no coffee shops. Even bars don’t operate except on the weekends. Simply, this is the land of boredom and misery.”

Which somehow doesn’t sound like someone fleeing for their life.

The latest statistics from the United Nations show that 72% of immigrants who have entered Europe, allegedly seeking asylum, are males between the ages of 20 and 35.

To add to this point, it means that a large portion of refugees who have immigrated to Europe either have no families that include women and children, or that they left their families behind in a situation that was so terrible that they themselves had to flee.

Some immigrants have expressed outrage at their new temporary living conditions that include food shelter, and an allowance, but complain that it isn’t enough. Dutch news agencies have reported on immigrants who have complained that they need more money, free cigarettes, and alcohol.

Poland’s new Foreign Minister, Witold Waszczykowski, has been critical of the flood of refugees, insisting that they are arriving due to economic opportunities rather than fleeing their countries seeking asylum. He said,

“Tens of thousands of young men disembark from their rubber dinghies with iPad in hand, and instead of asking for drink or food, they ask where they can charge their cellphones.” 

Waszczykowski, of Poland’s Law and Justice Party, is pushing to have Syrian refugees to be trained in the military and help liberate their country that has been taken over by radical Muslims.

Sweden is finding that many of their newly acquired immigrants are unhappy with their new found homes. They are unhappy with the inability to immediately bring in family members who are in foreign countries. They are unhappy with the amount of aid and support that they have been receiving from the Swedish Government. They are even unhappy about the amount of freedom that they are witnessing among Swedish citizens. Some asylum seekers have said that it is too difficult to assimilate into Swedish society.

These dissatisfied immigrants are threatening to move back to their country of origin if things do not improve for them. Apparently, things were not so bad in their homelands if they are willing to risk their lives to relocate to their originating countries.


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