African American Defense League Calls For Death Of White Cops

Once again, Facebook shows us just how partial their community standards are. We recently published an article of a Veteran being banned for her freedom of speech. The woman, Prissy Holly, posted a meme comparing the terrorist Tashfeen Malik to a goat. This resulted in the image being removed and specified that it violated Facebook community standards. However, when it is a group of black supremacists calling for the death of white cops, no amount of reporting seems to make them see the error of their ways.

African American Defense League post  Facebook reporting that said post didn't violate community standards

After Facebook was asked to remove content from the African American Defense League, they could find nothing wrong with the status. This post is the one that are making tempers rise. If you visit the Facebook page and website for this group, you’ll see a disturbing trend of racism and hatred. the calls for violance and chaos are a trademark we are becoming too used to seeing on this social media site.

The leader of this hate group, Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere (alias Minister Mauricelm X) has made many speeches where he states “I am not a racist”. Much like Black Lives Matter, their main objective seems to be solely centered on the killing of black men by white cops. They also take a page of Louis Farrahkan’s playbook, citing their violence as justified because it is in the defense of the discrimination shown to black people. The first quote that is featured with this man is:

“There comes a time when one must do what is necessary beyong cost. The blackman must kill in self defense”

The unending parade of hatred against a group, based solely on their skin color, is not being perpetrated by the race that these hate groups claim. It seems almost daily Facebook and other social media have given a voice to these racist angry groups that see violence as the only answer. We have to take a stand to protect our Officers,our Veterans, and all those that currently serve. If these social media sites continue to get away with silencing those that defend America, we will be left with little more than main stream media, who as we know is in the government’s pocket already. These messages of hate have spread like wildfire, while anything against a terrorist, or other races is left unchecked.



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