Denmark: Muslims who whipped woman in face with iron chains laughs in court

More descriptions of the attack here. The attackers are “second generation immigrants” (a ‘Danish euphemism for Muslims) – several of the Somalis.

(Nanna Skovman, 23 years, after the attack.)


Translated from EB:

“Accoording to the indictment the assault began at approximately. 00.10 at Vesterbro in Copenhagen night of Christmas Day as Mads Schøllhammer received a major blow to the head with a glass bottle that splintered.

Then he received several blows to the head with a chain lock and wire lock and the accused gave him ‘countless’ punches and kicks to the head and body. Mads Schøllhammer fell down, but the defendants continued to beat him in the head and body with fists and the chain lock, and they kicked him on the body and head.

Then the four youths pushes Nanna Skovmand to the ground and beats her ‘several’ times in the head with the chain lock.”

Translated from EB:

There were both laughing and high fives when a group of young men today sat in the court, accused of a serious assault on Nanna Skovman and Mads Schøllhammer at Christmas night.

A few times during the reading of the indictment the defendants broke out in laughter – partly because conditions around the vandalism was read.

According to 23-year-old Nanna Skovmand the four defendants started the attack by beating her boyfriend as they were walking in Vesterbro at Christmas night.

As she tried to interupt the attack, the group went berserk at her and struck with both chains and wire locks. She was also knocked down and kicked.”


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