UK Muslims Throw Excrement At British Soldier For Wearing His Military Uniform In Public

A British hospital has apologized after twice moving a Royal Air Force sergeant out of the sight of other patients over the staff’s concern that his military uniform would offend other patients, British media reported this weekend.

Ex-soldier Graham shares his horrifying story of being abused in the street – just for wearing his uniform.

According to the serviceman’s father, hospital workers told aircraft engineer Sgt. Mark Prendeville, 38, that he was moved away from other patients in a waiting room, because they thought his uniform “might upset people,” as they “have all kinds of different cultures coming in.”

Prendeville was taken to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in the seaside town of Margate after fire extinguisher chemicals got into his eyes during a training exercise.

Prendeville’s father Jim told the Telegraph that he was “disgusted” and that his son was “dumbfounded” after being told twice to move out of the view of other patients.

Having served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia, Predeville was wearing a camouflage combat uniform when he was brought in for treatment.

One of the staff asked him if he would stand around the corner so he wouldn’t be seen by other people in case it may upset them because he was in uniform,” the father said. “He went round the corner not to make a fuss but then another member of staff asked him to move again in case anyone saw him because he was in uniform.”

“He said ‘why should I move,’ and they said ‘because your uniform might upset people, we have all kinds of different cultures coming in and you might upset them,’” Jim Prendeville told the British paper.

“The way they treat our servicemen – they’re willing to put their lives on the line, and they’re treated like lepers when they go to [emergency room],” he added.

A hospital spokesman issued a statement explaining that the staff member was motivated by a previous altercation between a serviceman and a patient.

“A member of the armed forces in uniform attended our A&E [emergency room] and was asked by a member of staff if he wanted to sit inside the department rather than the waiting room,” a hospital spokesman said in a statement given to the British media.

“This employee was acting in good faith because previously, there had been an altercation between a member of the public and a different member of the armed forces in uniform,” the spokesman explained.

The hospital is “absolutely clear that members of Her Majesty’s armed forces, whether in uniform or not, should not be treated any differently to any other person,” the spokesman added.

“This is horrifying,” Former RAF navigator Flt. Lt. John Nichol told the Sun. “You should be treated differently for wearing a uniform, you should be lauded because you’re wearing uniform, you should be celebrated for wearing uniform.”

Nichol is a well-known military commentator and author in the U.K. In 1991, his plane was shot down by then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s forces during the first Gulf War. He was later tortured and paraded on television.


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