Vandals Target Local Law Enforcement Supporter’s Truck

A Whitney man who painted the message “Police Lives Matter” on the rear window of his pickup after the murder of a Harris County deputy says he woke up to find the truck vandalized.

Scott Lattin painted the message on the truck on the same day as the funeral for Deputy Darren Goforth, 47, a 10-year law enforcement veteran, who was shot 15 times on Aug. 28 in what authorities say was a coldblooded execution-style murder while pumping gas into his patrol unit.

Lattin said he woke up Tuesday to find that vandals had spray-painted “Black Lives Matter” on the side of the truck, as well as an expletive “F*** The Police” and a cryptic hashtag, “#FYF,” which is evidently shorthand for “F*** your family,” F*** your family,” or “F*** your feelings.”

The hashtag may also be connected to a black supremacist linked to hate videos posted on YouTube, one of which called Goforth’s murder “open season” on killing police and whites.

He and Whitney police said they were shocked to learn that the graffiti on the truck could be connected to a movement that incites violence against whites and law enforcement officers.

They say they’re being extra vigilant.

No arrests have been made.


One Response to “Vandals Target Local Law Enforcement Supporter’s Truck”

  1. Bruce Says:

    You need to update the last line that says “nobody has been arrested” with “Scott Lattin has now been arrested for staging the event and filing a false report. The guy was actually a con playing the victim card to steal money from good people. “

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