Sen. Tim Scott Has a Message for People Offended by ‘All Lives Matter’: ‘That’s Their Issue’

During an appearance on CNN Thursday night, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott was asked by host Brianna Keilar about the “controversy” surrounding anyone who says “all lives matter.”

Let’s rephrase that: Keilar did a short op-ed before she asked the question:

“I want to ask you about something you said about the ‘black lives matter’ movement. You said “all lives matter.’ People who are associated with ‘black lives matter’ hear that as an oppositional statement.

They hear that as saying there’s no acknowledgement that black lives matter, and that it is something that is rebuffing their slogan. When you say that, what is your reaction, when it causes offense to people who are part of the movement?

Scott, the first elected black senator in the South since Reconstruction, responded:

“If it causes offense to say that all lives matter, black lives, white lives, police officers … all of our lives matter. if that is somehow offensive to someone, that’s their issue, not mine. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a regression in race relations. One of the ways we move this nation forward is to … find common ground on issues. When that happens, our country is better.

So if anyone is offended by the fact that I believe all lives matter, whether they’re black or white, or brown or yellow, that is something that someone has to look into their own heart, and figure out why that is. For us to find a way forward, it is truly together. One of things I’ve said since I’ve been an elected official is, we are better together. And I truly believe that; I’ve seen it manifested in my own life.”

In July, Martin O’Malley apologized after saying “all lives matter” at the Netroots Nation Conference. Donald Trump later called him a “disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby” for doing so.

Tim Scott’s response to the issue seems to have found the common ground of which he spoke. The question is, who will listen?


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