Guy Gets His Ass Handed To Him After Trying To Rob Female MMA Fighter (Video)

Messing with a professional UFC fighter is probably not the wisest idea, and this video pretty much validates that assumption.

Two men decided they would rob a woman they mistook for someone unable to defend herself.

Little did they know, the botched attack would culminate in one of them crying for help, locked in a triangle chokehold (a move where a fighter’s legs wrap around a neck) by MMA fighter Monique Bastos.

Image credit: Screenshot

Image credit: Screenshot

Bastos was on her way to the gym when one of the two assailants stole her cellphone and ran off with it. However, the Brazilian fighter wasn’t about to go down without a fight — and that’s when she used her sizable, ninja-like skills to defend herself.

Image credit: Screenshot

Image credit: Screenshot

According to rough translations by Elite Daily, the wanna-be-thief muffled this as he choked:

“Dad, dad, I’m going to my dad. Call the police, father. Help! Help! Help, Jesus. Please, I did not rob. Why would I do this? Help. Help. Look at my wallet.

She’s choking me. Where’s my mom?! Aie, Aie, Aie. Help! Help! Please, I need my wallet. No, I did not rob anything, no.”

At one point, the person filming the whole scene picked up the man’s wallet to expose his identity to future viewers.

According to reports, this isn’t the first time Bastos has had to defend herself in such a way. Hopefully, it’s the last time the assailant-in-question will ever try an attack of this sort again.


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