Their Employee Refuses to Serve a Police Officer. Here’s What Jimmy John’s Does In Response…

They may be known for ‘freaky fast delivery,’ but on Thursday, one Jimmy John’s driver just got plain freaky with Edina’s finest.

It all began earlier this week inside a Bloomington strip mall. An Edina police officer came to Jimmy John’s for lunch and was refused service. One of the Jimmy John’s drivers gave the police officer heat for giving out so many tickets and he refused to serve him.

On Friday, we learned that the driver was fired.

Edina patrol officer, Marcus Limbeck told his fellow officers in an e-mail the delivery driver yelled at him in the parking lot, “you coming down here to give us tickets now?” inside, the same driver told him, “you’re not getting a sandwich here.” “you’ve given almost everybody here a ticket.” “go get your sandwich someplace else.” The officer says the other workers were just laughing and snickering.

Customers were in disbelief that they actually refused to serve the officer.

“The comments were so egregious we terminated the employee immediately.” The franchise operator said.

The franchise operator fired the driver Friday and spent most of the day apologizing to Edina police.

“We have a lot of respect for law enforcement. We are a law abiding sandwich shop but we are on the road and we deliver sandwiches.” The franchise owner said.

That driver is hardly the only one to get a ticket in Edina. The Edina police department has earned a reputation for writing more tickets per capita than any city in Minnesota. They also have one of the lowest fatality rates.


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