Ben Carson Went Directly to Streets of Harlem to Tell People 2 Things That Will Help Black People

Ben Carson walked the streets of Harlem on Wednesday, stressing responsibility and self-reliance as he discussed the problems plaguing black America. He also talked about the differences between Democratic and Republican solutions.

When asked whether “black lives matter,” he hit the issue head-on:

“Of course black lives matter. But instead of people pointing fingers at each other, and just creating strife, we need to be talking about how do we solve the problem, in the black community, of murder.

For a young black male in the inner city, homicide is the most likely cause of death. That is ridiculous. And most of those occur at the hands of other young black males.

We need to be talking about why is that occurring. We need to be talking about how do we instill values into people again, so that they do in fact believe that their brother’s life matters.”

He was blunt about the differences between Democrats and Republicans:

“The Democratic Party has ascribed to the Lyndon Johnson philosophy. Lyndon Johnson said, ‘If we give those n-words such-and-such, they’ll vote for us for the next 200 years.’

What the Republican Party needs to do is come out and discuss more the kinds of relationships and the programs that will actually bring people out of poverty – that will give them the ability to use their God-given talents. To rise, rather than to simply be satisfied in a dependent position in our society.”

Carson later talked with Megyn Kelly about his thoughts on “The Kelly File.”

screen grab

screen grab

Kelly reminded him that earlier in the day, he said there’s a reason people don’t want to talk about the real problem and real solutions – and his reference to being called an “Uncle Tom” if they do. He reiterated:

The whole value system – the values that created strong families, and gave people the kind of foundation they needed to be able to resist the influences on the street, those are not there anymore.

People are easily taken … that’s a major problem. You look at these young black men. A quarter of them are in the penal system by the time they’re 20 years old. That’s ridiculous.

They’re not bad people – they’re good people, but unfortunately, they’re not getting the right kinds of influences. So that’s gonna happen to anybody, I don’t care what color they are, if you put them in that situation.

It appears that Dr. Carson’s message is resonating: following last week’s GOP debate, he has steadily risen in the polls.


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