Muslims Put 19 Girls Who Refused Sex In a Cage, What Happened Next Is APPALLING

The brutal depravity of ISIS was on full display yet again, after what they decided to do to a group of 19 girls who refused to participate in their “sexual jihad.”

Placing the women in cages, the Islamic animals then took out their barbaric revenge, by brutally massacring the women. A Kurdish official spoke on the disturbing incident with an Iraqi news source, as reported by MailOnline.

19 Girls Refused Sex With Muslims, Put In Cage… Next? You Don’t Want To Know

ISIS fanatics have executed 19 women for refusing to have sex with its fighters, the Kurdish official stated.

He claimed the women were being held hostage in Islamic State’s stronghold of Mosul, Iraq, which the terror group seized in June last year.

Meanwhile a UN envoy investigating Islamic State’s vile sex trade has said “girls get peddled like barrels of petrol” and one can be bought by six different men.

She also verified a disturbing ISIS document which suggested the extremists sell the Yazidi and Christian women and children they have abducted, with girls aged just one to nine-years-old fetching the most money.

ISIS stormed the Sinjar district in northern Iraq last year and captured hundreds of women belonging to the Yazidi community, who the Islamists view as heretics.

19 Girls Refused Sex With Muslims, Put In Cage… Next? You Don’t Want To Know

It’s unfathomable what these women endure, as they are routinely treated like livestock and sold off as sex slaves to the highest bidder. You’d think this would be a hot issue passionately fought by the feminists here in our country, but alas, they are too concerned over what color to dye their armpit hair, or bitching about their own “persecution” if their birth control isn’t paid for.


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