He Was Just Looking For Extra Storage But What He Discovers in His Crawl Space Brings Him to Tears

They were looking for some extra storage space, but what they found was a mystery and a mission that hit very close to home.

As CBS DFW reports, Kerry Cremean and his wife, Cindy, had just bought a new home when a search of the crawl space in the garage uncovered something that brought Kerry to tears.

Image Credit: Screen Shot CBSDFW

Image Credit: Screen Shot CBSDFW

In a leather bag, seemingly untouched for decades, the Cremeans found a carefully folded American flag— the relic of the military burial for a Robert Allen Murray.

The ID and other information found in the bag told Kerry Cremean that Murray may have served in the Navy at about the same time that Kerry, a retired Army Sergeant, was in Vietnam.

“This was a forgotten member of the military,” Kerry told CBS DFW. “Someone needs to remember him.”

The shared military past wasn’t all that Kerry Cremean had in common with Murray, who died in a car accident in 1980.

Image Credit: Screen Shot CBSDFW

Image Credit: Screen Shot CBSDFW

Murray also had three daughters at the time of his death— Joyce Delane, Elizabeth Alana, and Kerry Ann. The fact that he shares a name with Murray’s daughter was significant to Cremean.

“I felt that was more than coincidental. I felt God led me to this,” he said.

The Cremeans now feel called to return the burial flag and other mementos to their rightful owner. However, tracking down a member of the Murray family hasn’t been easy.

Cindy Cremean has even turned to Facebook, a site she says she had previously “rejected” in order to find a few clues.

“I’m proud to have found this and I hope to find a person that this belongs to. He deserves that,” Kerry Cremean told CBS DFW.

Though they’re currently following up on a few leads and have even mailed a letter to Murray’s widow, they have yet to make contact with Murray’s daughters or any of the members of the Murray family. However, the Cremeans are determined to see that Robert Murray is properly remembered, and want to return the items to the three women who were all younger than ten years old when their father passed away.

“I just hope that it gives them a piece and a little bit of history of what their father did and their accomplishments,” said Cindy Cremean.


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