Couple accused of illegally cashing WIC checks, living in $1 million house

An Atlanta-area couple who owned or ran seven stores in Georgia illegally cashed WIC vouchers, prosecutors say, and pocketed the reimbursements to fund a lavish lifestyle.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, federal agents allege that Tamika and Jermyn Wright used the money to purchase an Escalade, Rolex watches, and a $1 million home in a gated community at TPC Sugarloaf.

Image Credit: Screenshot

Image Credit: Screenshot

A criminal complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia against the pair. It also alleges that the Wrights “applied for the program through the use of fraudulent applications.” A former federal prosecutor, Bill Davis, told WSB-TV:

“If you are not approved, it is the government’s theory you are stealing government funds.”

Prosecutors are asking that the Wrights forfeit the home, the Escalade, and the Rolex watches.

WIC is the government voucher program intended to provide needy women, infants, and children with food. The WIC and food stamp programs have been riddled with cases of fraud.

The Wrights’ attorney did not comment on the case. The couple is due back in court August 20.


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