When an Iraq War Vet Got Back to His Car After Shopping, He Found a ‘Cowardly’ Note Waiting For Him

Image Credit: YouTube

When an Iraq War veteran in upstate New York went shopping on Thursday, he didn’t expect this much drama to accompany his errands.

While in the store, an unknown individual left an anonymous note on the windshield of his car. The letter berated the former Marine for having a Purple Heart and serving overseas, saying, among other things:

All of you Islamaphobe vets deserve to die.”

According to WTEN-TV, many people are floored by what was written in the letter.

Navy vet Robert LaPrairie told the station that it:

makes me sick to my stomach.. To me, it’s an act of terrorism really.

Local resident Ann Lanoir added:

“It’s just shocking. It’s just ignorant. That’s the way I feel. I feel like some punk wrote it.”

The veteran chose not to comment publicly about the note, dismissing it as something to not be taken seriously.

WTEN showed the note to Lt. Steven Stockdale of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office to determine if the person behind the vile note could face charges. He told the station that while it is illegal to leave a note on a windshield, the more troubling issue is that the author thought it was okay to write a note like that and leave it in the first place.

Stockdale said:

“Communication these days has gotten very easy for people who want to stay anonymous. And it takes a lot more courage to strap on an 80 pound pack and go to the Middle East and fight for your country than it does to scribble on a note and leave it cowardly behind on somebody’s windshield.”

According to the station, other vets across the state have received similar notes.

(this is happening in NEW YORK!)


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