Video: Florida man attempts to chew off fingertips to avoid being identified

Fingerchewer photoA Florida man tried chewing off the tips of his fingers while in the back of a police cruiser in the hopes of avoiding identification by police.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that Kenzo Roberts was stopped Thursday in vehicle that had been reported stolen. Roberts was detained in the back of a patrol vehicle while police conducted an investigation.

While sitting in the cruiser, Roberts is seen on video frantically chewing on the tips of his fingers in an attempt to destroy his fingerprints. He can be heard also rubbing his hands against the security cage, apparently to aid in the removal of his fingerprints.

Despite his efforts, a fingerprint scanner quickly revealed that he had two felony warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was charged with three counts of possession of counterfeit credit cards, fake driver’s license, possession of a concealed firearm and grand theft auto.

U.S. Border Patrol was contacted and discovered that Roberts is in the United States illegally.

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