Gary lifeguard fired after caught lying down on job

Getting caught “lying down on the job” is not a phrase that’s often used literally. But while visiting Marquette Park beach in Gary, Indiana, with his family last weekend, Hugh Sutton caught a lifeguard doing exactly that.

In the video, Sutton approaches the female lifeguard – who is lying facedown under her tower, still in her pants and socks – and questions her harshly:

“I used to be a lifeguard for five years. I just want to know why are you lying down on the job? Aren’t you supposed to be watching the water?”

Sutton continues by pointing out that there is no way the lifeguard can see everyone in the water, and therefore may not even notice someone who was struggling to stay above water. The woman does not seem to be bothered or embarrassed by Sutton’s accusations, and simply says that she wanted to get into the shade.

She also confirms that the young girl she is lying with is her child.

Image credit: YouTube

Image credit: YouTube

For Sutton, the experience was infuriating on a professional and personal level, reports ABC7:

“If something was to happen to me or my wife or my two children, I would just be devastated, you know. Then she would have to live with that for the rest of her life.”

The director of communications for the city of Gary confirms that the woman was fired.


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