As Marines Lie Dead…Guess What President Obama’s Up To?

Clearly, our president is broken up and mad as heck about what happened yesterday in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Though he showed more indignation at Major Garrett when asked about the four Americans abandoned in Iran than speaking about the savage murder of four Marines on American soil, we can’t doubt Obama’s “heartbreak” over this latest American tragedy. (I sure hope you can hear the sarcasm in all of this.)

But, true to form, our president is insisting the show must go on. His show.

After the Islamic State brutally beheaded American James Foley, Obama jumped right back onto the golf course, just minutes after addressing the nation. Similarly, within 24 hours of the attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Obama went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

Now, a day after the terrorist shootings in Chattanooga, Obama is heading to New York for a fundraiser and a Broadway musical.

As WABC-TV New York reports:

President Obama is set to arrive at Kennedy Airport a little after 6 p.m. Friday.

He is in town for a private Democratic National Committee fundraising dinner.

By now, we’ve come to expect that NOTHING gets in the way of fundraising for this president — certainly not the brutal murder of brave Americans at the hands of Islamic jihadists!

But the president will forgo his usual hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, amid fears it could be bugged after it was sold to a Chinese company.

Saturday, President Obama plans to see the Broadway musical “Hamilton” with his daughters.

Yep, nothing shows leadership, or expresses sympathy for the families who lost their Marine loved ones, like a good ol’ Broadway musical! To be fair, tickets to “Hamilton” are a hot item, so I’m sure Obama really had to work it to get those.

So while the nation comes to grips with Islamic terror hitting our home base yet again, and families prepare to bury their loved ones, Obama will be continuing along his merry way, singing his own happy tune. ‘Cause that’s just how he rolls.


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