he Girl Who Issued The ‘Sh*t On The Flag Challenge’ Is Military Dependent Read more at http://woundedamericanwarrior.com/unreal-the-girl-who-issued-the-sht-on-the-flag-challenge-is-military-dependent/


Poop on flag challenge
**Warning Graphic**

Sierra McGrone, who uses the alias Nocturnus Libertus on Facebook, has issued a challenge for her supporters. She has proposed that, “with only $6, you too can help a young Afrikan clean their ass with the rag of oppression!”

Nocturnus Libertus apparently hates white people as much as she does straight people.  She posted this photo along with this caption: “‘Straight pride’ is like ‘white pride’. Proud of privilege and the forced trivialization of issues surrounding the #LGBTQ community.”


 McGrone claims that she even joined the military and went to basic training, but only made it a week. A source has told Popular Military that she was kicked out of the Army in basic training, but this has not been verified


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