They’re the Largest Meat Producer in World—What’s Caught on Video at Their Farm Is Beyond Disturbing

Some questionable practices of a prominent U.S. livestock farm have surfaced, and they’re not just disturbing, they’re downright gross.

McGiniss Farms, supplier for Tyson Chicken, is catching heat for hidden camera footage that allegedly depicts some less-than-sanitary treatment of their chickens.

Non-profit organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) placed a hidden camera inside McGinnis Farms, located in Dagsboro, DE, to capture the damning images.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.43.06 PM

Image Credit: Screenshot

Among the abuses the video shed a light on:

Image credit: Screenshot

Image credit: Screenshot

Speaking to Marketwatch, MFA’s president Nathan Runkle summed up the contents of the video:

Tyson Foods is literally torturing chickens to death. They are crammed into filthy, windowless sheds, thrown, kicked, and brutalized by careless workers, and bred to grow so fast they suffer from painful leg deformities and heart attacks. This is sickening animal abuse no company with morals should support.”

Subsequently, a spokesperson for Tyson defended the company in an interview with ABC Action News Philadelphia:

“Our farmers work hard to raise healthy birds, however, sometimes chickens – just like people – get sick. At the time this video was shot this past spring, this farm had birds that were sick with a respiratory illness. As a result, what was shown in the video is not typical for this or any other farm. It was also not a food safety issue.

In a later response video, the Tyson spokesperson also went on to say that Tyson is “constantly researching new ways to keep its chickens healthy and safe.”

Currently, no federal laws protect chickens from cruelty and abuse on factory farms. On the state level, most anti-cruelty protection laws specifically exclude chickens.

Like this:

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