Teen with Asperger’s allegedly beaten by strangers wants suspects to learn from him


The story of a teen with Asperger’s and ADHD who allegedly was beaten by a group of strangers has gone viral, after a woman shared her friend’s Facebook post.

Gavin Stone, an Illinois teen who was diagnosed with the disorders as a child, has difficulty with everyday interactions and tends to keep himself isolated, his according to a June 30 Facebook post by his mother, Cortnie,who added that her son can sometimes unintentionally appear rude, impatient, “weird,” detached or uninterested.

Cortnie shared a series of photos with her post, featuring Gavin with a swollen, bruised face that she said was the aftermath of a group of kids talking about how it was “‘weird’ that Gavin is always by himself, attending events alone and watching people, and it was ‘creepy’ how he wanted to be friends with people he didn’t know.”

“On Friday night, another kid that overheard that conversation decided to take matters into his own hands and become judge and jury, and this is the result of that,” Cortnie posted. “He didn’t ask questions, didn’t get to know Gavin, never met him, and didn’t give him a chance to leave. He was called to meet someone, surrounded by people he didn’t know, choked, punched, and left laying [SIC] on the pavement so he would ‘learn his lesson.’”

According to the post, Gavin sustained a mild concussion, a bruised esophagus, a fracture at the tip of his nose and a hematoma in his eye. He did not press charges but rather is requesting the suspects, who were not identified in the post, perform community service related to the disabled. Gavin also requests they write a paper on Asperger’s syndrome, and watch a recorded statement he taped about the assault with their families.

“I am so proud of him, and I hope a lesson will come of this to all that hear about it,” Cortnie posted.


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