2 boys shoot out woman’s teeth with BB gun in Holly Hill, police say


Two boys could be extradited from Michigan and charged with a felony after Holly Hill police said the 12- and 16-year-old siblings intentionally shot four people with a BB gun.

One of the victims was struck in the mouth and lost two teeth. The same woman was also hit in the shoulder. Another victim who was shot in the back said he thought he had suffered a “severe bee sting,” a charging affidavit shows. The man’s wife was shot in the chest. Another woman was shot in the shoulder and was bleeding.

“The defendant and his brother knowingly while in the possession of a BB rifle, aimed the weapon from a residential window at several people relaxing on a pool deck,” wrote Holly Hill investigator Jeff Traylor in the affidavit. “They intentionally and maliciously fired the BB rifle striking one victim to her shoulder and causing great injury to the same victim by shooting her in the mouth causing acute dental trauma breaking two of the victim’s bottom teeth.”

The boys — who are not being identified because they haven’t been charged yet — were staying with their grandmother at the Blue Tide Apartments, 301 Riverside Drive, last week and were supposed to be visiting for the “whole summer,” police Chief Steve Aldrich said.

The brothers face a felony charge of aggravated battery with a weapon and a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. Their vacation was cut short after police spoke to their mother in Michigan.

But the siblings could be brought back to Florida, Aldrich said.

“We’re talking with the State Attorney’s Office and authorities in Michigan now to see if we can arrest them,” Aldrich said, explaining that an arrest would entail extraditing the boys to Florida.

According to the affidavit, the boys shot at their victims the afternoon of June 8 from the first-floor apartment window of their grandmother Loretta Mason’s residence, the affidavit shows.

When police checked Mason’s apartment, there were holes in the window screens, the affidavit shows. Mason said the BB gun had been left behind by another grandson. But, according to police, the grandmother later admitted to the apartment complex manager that the two siblings who were visiting her admitted that they had shot the weapon and wanted to apologize to the victims.

When Traylor went to speak with Mason, she said she had spoken to the boys’ mother and was not ready to have the youngsters surrender, the affidavit shows. Traylor then telephoned the mother, Canielle Nolan, and Nolan became upset. She said the youngsters would not be talking to him and that they would be represented by an attorney, the affidavit shows.

Mason could not be reached Monday.

Clifford Woods, who was struck in the lower back that afternoon as he and his wife Susan lounged at the pool, said he hopes the children face some kind of consequence.

“I’d like to see charges filed against them,” Woods said Monday. “Maybe they can learn a lesson. Maybe they can get a wake-up call before something happens like they (end up) killing someone.”

Sudan Woods, who was not available for comment Monday, was hit in the chest.

Leanne Dontigney, the victim who police said lost two teeth after she was shot in the mouth and who was also hit in the shoulder, could not be reached Monday. But police said Dontigney sought treatment at a hospital. Dontigney did not return a phone message.

Victim Sabrina Thebold said she tried to help Dontigney and initially thought that Dontigney had been stung by a bee, which is what Woods and others at the pool thought at first. But when Thebold turned around to gather her things and leave the pool area, that’s when she was shot in the shoulder.

I knew it was a BB because I saw it hit the ground,” Thebold said. “The last thing you think is that somebody is shooting at you.”


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