Police: One kidnapper at large, victim fatally shoots other suspect


A kidnapper is on the loose after a dramatic crime on Pinewood Drive in Northeast Jackson Saturday morning. His partner in crime was shot and killed in what police are calling justifiable homicide.

Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart identified the deceased suspect as 23-year-old Edwin Robinson of Jackson.

Police said around 6:30 a.m., a man who lives nearby was leaving his house, putting some items in his vehicle, when he was approached by two armed men. They forced him back into his home to get his wallet, then they forced him into his own Toyota truck to drive to an ATM and get money. They all ended up on Pinewood Drive, where the offenders planned to leave the victim.

We were told one of the kidnappers threatened to go back to the victim’s house to harm his wife, and that’s when the victim grabbed his own gun from the truck, and shot and killed one of the kidnappers. His body was found lying in a patch of grass on Pinewood Drive.

The other kidnapper is still at large. Authorities describe him as a black male, wearing a bandanna and a dark colored shirt at the time.  He ran from the scene on foot, but is believed to be in a tan colored SUV with no tags.

Here’s what one neighbor said about what she saw and heard.

“I heard about six gunshots at about 6:30 a.m. went to let one of my dogs out and heard some more gunshots. We saw people standing around, and a body and a truck,” she says.

An overwhelming number of neighbors have told us that the victim is a doctor who lives nearby, and he is OK. Police have not confirmed that he is a doctor.

If you have any information this crime, or the whereabouts of the kidnapper at large, call Jackson Police.


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