CNN Reporter Freaks at Seeing ‘ISIS Flag’ at Gay Parade. What It Actually is May Be More Disturbing

When CNN reporter Lucy Pawle was dispatched to the London gay pride parade, she became really disturbed by what she saw. No, we’re not talking about the parade itself, but what she thought was a hot scoop.

An ISIS flag. At the London gay pride parade.

The CNN crawl instantly kicked into high gear: “ISIS Flag Spotted at Gay Pride Parade.”

After all, the radical Islamist terrorist group had just announced its contempt for the Supreme Court’s ruling for national gay marriage by tragically throwing four gay people from the top of a building.

It turns out that this flag was not a chilling warning that “ISIS is here.” Rather, it was a parody made up of… well, dildos in a cryptic message reading in Arabic, “Butt Plugs.”

That’s right, CNN. It was a hoax.

Twitter reacted with glee that the flag had turned out to be nothing more than shenanigans:

Stay tuned for more CNN breaking news about ISIS flags. Or dildos. Or maybe both.


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