Mom on Benefits Let Kids Go Hungry to Fund Boob Job. Now She Wants Gov’t to Pay for…

Wanting to repair what she viewed as a problem, Naica Gibson saved money for two years in order to have corrective surgery done.

What’s the issue? The money she saved was £100 (approximately $158) per week from her £1,300 (approximately $2,059) monthly government benefits.

And it came at the expense of her four children, who would sometimes have to miss meals, writes the Daily Mail.

The Mirror reports that Gibson obtained cosmetic surgery for her ‘sagging breasts’ in Poland. But when they began to harden, she immediately returned to have the problem corrected. She claims the surgery has left her with one breast larger than the other and wants a third surgery in order to fix the problem.

However, this time she won’t be using money meant for her children in order to pay for it. Instead, she wants the National Health Service (NHS) to pay for it, at taxpayer expense:

She told The Sun: “I’m from England and deserve the treatment if I need it.”

“I don’t see anything wrong in using my benefits for a boob job.”

Reaction to her request for assistance hasn’t been met favorably. The Daily Mail writes that multiple organizations have spoken out about Gibson’s request.

Roger Goss of Patient Concern stated:

This is simply not right. It gives the NHS a bad name, which it doesn’t deserve. Money used on Naica’s operation would make a massive difference to patients and save lives.

On Twitter, the reaction was brutal:

Gibson isn’t the first British mother to spend government benefits on cosmetic surgery.

In May, Opposing Views reported that Andrea Dalzell spent $30,000 in child benefits money to have “breast enhancement surgery, a full face lift, Botox and fillers, an extensive neck and eyebrow lift” and a “designer vagina.”

It went on to note she plans on having additional cosmetic surgery performed, wanting a “Brazillian Butt” like Kim Kardashian.


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