Was the Police Arrest at McKinney ‘Racially Motivated’? THIS is What Happened 24 Minutes Before…

Blaring headlines about the police’s “racially insensitive” response to a ‘pool party’ in McKinney, Texas has garnered national attention, and has even been parodied on the Daily Show.

But has there been a rush to judgment in the media, lacking fuller context of the altercation? A video showing a brawl reportedly 24 minutes before the police were called in by residents gives us a clearer picture of what took place.

The “pool party” itself apparently violated residential policies, and was held for ostensible “for-profit” purposes. As reported by The Conservative Treehouse:

The woman who organized the event in McKinney, Texas, is a 20-year-old named Tatiana Rhodes (or Tatyana Rhodes).

Rhodes had been promoting a party via Twitter under the hashtag name “Dime Piece Cookout” for approximately a month. She planned the event at a sub-division called “Craig Ranch.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.45.49 PM

pool party

 The subdivision has a neighborhood park and a gated pool, which requires a scan card for access.

According to The Conservative Tree House, neither Rhodes nor her mother sought permission to use the pool or clubhouse area as part of the event.

It will be interesting to see if the news media give as much coverage to the McKinney backstory as they do to the sensational video that went “viral.”

Neither Tatiana Rhodes nor her mother sought permission to use the pool or clubhouse area as part of the event.  However, Tatiana hired a DJ and promoted the event to include a pool party:

There are numerous social media links reflecting that Tatiana organizes these “parties”, and charges for attendance, as a profit generating business.  Her enterprise name is promoted under the auspices of “Twinzzpromotions” and uses the email address twinnzzpromotions@gmail.com.

In addition to friends of Tatiana Rhodes, more than 100 additional people, mostly teens, showed up as a result of the advertising promoted by Tatiana on social media.   They were dropped off by the car-load as the afternoon party began.

Apparently Tatiana and her mother Lashana were unable to control the growing crowd – who came to their event at the park looking for and expecting a “pool party”.

That’s when things got out of control as the 100+ teens (and young adults) turned into a mob of partygoers and began jumping the fence to the gated pool area.  Residents within the neighborhood  found themselves confronting a mob of teens growing ever increasingly hostile and agitated.

pool party 4

pool party 5texas pool party 2

The sub-division is culturally very diverse with multi-racial residents.  All of the local community -within the rather large sub division-  support the version of events as outlined above.

One of the adult residents of the sub-division sought to get control of the situation and told the teen mob they needed to leave the pool area.

A teen friend of the event organizer (friends wth Tatiana’s brother) is named, ironically, “Grace”, Grace Stone – approximately 14-years-old.

Young Grace Stone became angry because the mob was being told to leave the pool and clubhouse area; Grace was then backed up by her friend Tatiana (party organizer) in a confrontation with an adult resident at the pool.   Tatiana then attacked the adult female resident as shown in the above video.

pool party 3


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