Documents reveal accused driver’s violent past

10News obtained court records that detail a disturbing past of a woman accused in a road rage incident that ended in the death of a Navy sailor.

Darla Jackson, 25, faces a murder charge in connection with the May 29 death of Chief Petty Officer Zach Buob, who was on his motorcycle. The California Highway Patrol said Jackson struck and ran over Buob on eastbound state Route 54 in the National City area.

CHP investigators said they believe the incident started as some sort of road disagreement that escalated and ended with the death of a motorcyclist.

One day after the incident, Jackson’s mother told 10News that Buob “was the one acting crazy and driving erratically.” She said Buob tried to squeeze between two cars and also kicked her daughter’s Nissan Altima.

According to Jackson’s mother, her daughter followed Buob in an attempt to get his license plate, but he cut her off and she could not stop.

“I had no idea it was going to be this extreme because seriously, she’s so innocent,” Jackson’s mother told 10News.

However, court documents obtained by 10News paint a different picture. Two of Jackson’s former boyfriends filed restraining orders, with both saying she threatened to kill them.

According to the documents, Jackson accused one ex-boyfriend of kicking her car and said, “I’m going to run your [expletive] over with my car.”

In the documents, the ex-boyfriend stated that Jackson “began driving toward me and I started running away … I pushed myself off her hood, proceeded to run, jumping over a fence to get away.”

Another ex-boyfriend said Jackson threw a bottle at his car and “keyed it.” He stated Jackson told him “I’m going to hurt you,” told him that he was “dead” and said that “I don’t know who I am messing with.”

One of the former boyfriends claimed Jackson “tried to climb in his window” and screamed threats like “I’m just getting started.”

According to the documents, both ex-boyfriends stated they feared for their lives. They also said they received hundreds of calls and text messages of harassment from Jackson.

10News learned Jackson’s driver’s license was suspended for two years for bad driving. It was reinstated this past January.

Jackson is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m


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