New and Totally Bizarre Baby Names

If you’re about to have a baby, please don’t name him Billion. The experts implore you.

Citing data from the Social Security Department’s Extended Name List, popular baby-naming site Nameberry has listed their picks for the 12 worst names.

“Swastik has to be the very worst, but Ruckus is right down there,” said Pamela Redmond Satran, a Nameberry baby-naming expert.

Someone named their child Swastik? Not just one person — to make the list, at least five babies had to be given this name for the first time in 2014. So a minimum of five people thought that was a good idea.

The Dirty Dozen:


“Cash is an up-and-coming baby name, and Rich has been around for decades,” Nameberry said. “So how about coming out and naming a number? Billion was used for five baby boys for the first time this year, though there were also 11 boys named Million and babies of both sexes named Amillion.”


“If you are choosing a highly unusual name to help your child stand out from the crowd, this one does anything but.”


“Where will the trend for Bad Boy names end? Dagger is one of the new violent names added to the lexicon this year,” Nameberry said.


The site said Lay was a name given to seven baby girls last year.


Nameberry said London’s been popular in recent years, and with “such popularity inevitably spawns spelling variations.”


There were also five girls named Kennydi.


It’s another target “for spelling adventurists,” Nameberry said.


“We’re not sure that new choices such as Royaltee, Royalti, and Royel set quite the right blueblood tone.”


Given to eight babies in 2014.


Nameberry called it “as grating as the “uplifting” new names like Excel (seven girls) or Legendary (five boys).”


Given to seven boys.


“Wimberley is a particularly entertaining member of the kind of new name introduced by parents looking to improve on an original by giving it a new first initial, or switching a few letters or sounds around.”


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