Memorial Day brings tears to Charlotte boy’s eyes


It’s a day off work. It’s a day for barbecue. It’s a day for the pool.

Memorial Day is, most importantly, a day to remember our veterans.

Triston just learned that lesson. Emily Rose Fontanta, a first grade teacher at Pineville Elementary, says she showed just a 10 minute video to her students on Thursday, explaining the meaning of the holiday.

This little special angel sat saluting the screen for the entire 10 min. while tears rolled down his face,” she wrote on Facebook.

Fontana told NBC Charlotte she is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, and her dad has been to Iraq several times since to train others.

“My dad has put so many years into the military and has watched so many best friends pass away,” she tells NBC Charlotte. “So I am a big believer to still teach the real meaning of Memorial Day.”

“It shows how small a child can be and have one of the biggesssttttt hearts I have ever witnessed,” Fontana writes.

She adds he didn’t make a sound. Triston simply saluted.


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