Vandals drive through cemetery, destroy gravesites on Memorial Day

The search is on for the people who trashed a cemetery in far west Sandoval County on Memorial Day.

It is a gravesite where veterans are buried, and someone drove right through it, destroying headstones and ruining the final resting place for many people.

The cemetery is located in Torreon, an area considered to be Navajo tribal land.

“They took all the flags that were up and knocked them over. And the flowers on different graves…they just scattered them,” said Allan Trujillo, whose family’s grave was vandalized.

Word spread quickly in this small community, and before long, people needed to know if their loved one’s gravesite was disturbed.

“One of the recent burials was our neighbor and it was just too sad to see that and my grandma’s grave is right here,” Lillian Smith said.

The cemetery is the final resting place for people who served their country, even when their country’s history didn’t always treat them well.

It’s the place where family members could come on days like Memorial Day and pay their respects.

“These veterans they fought for freedom, these people’s freedoms whoever did it and this is the kind of honor they give them. I think it’s a huge disgrace,” Trujillo said.

Alongside the veterans, parents buried their babies who didn’t survive life.

“It’s just sad. It’s Memorial Day and it’s hard to find something like that for the families,” Beverylyn Mescal said.

It’s a senseless crime—a joyride for one that has left heartbreak for the grieving.


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