American flag controversy: ‘I’m disappointed in my country’

A Cobb County woman is angry that her condo association is making her move the American flag flying at her house.

“I’m disappointed in my country,” said Mary Lou Olsen.

Olsen has lived at the Ashborough Village Condos, in Marietta, since the 1970s. She told Channel 2 Action News she hung the flag years ago when her son joined the Marines, and she then gave it to him when he retired.

Olsen put it back up when her grandson joined the Marines, but the Ashborough Condominium Association sent all residents a letter stating they cannot attach any inanimate objects to the building, including flags and even lights.

“The country moves on, and let’s not forget them, but I feel like they’re forgotten by telling me I have to take my flag down,” she told Channel 2’s Liz Artz.

The letter goes on to state a $25 fine will be levied every day until the object is removed or maintenance staff is able to remove and dispose of the item.

“They’ll put a lien on me,” she said.

The vice president of the association said Olsen can keep her flag, but she will need to move it to a pole no more than 4 feet from her front door, all weather material is required and it must illuminate at night.

My right is I’ll fly the flag of my country,” said Olsen.

The board told Artz the rules are to protect the building material that has deteriorated throughout the years. As they have it repaired, they don’t want to compromise it with attachments.


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