Military veteran’s home vandalized in Evanston

When Army reservist Cassie McEuen of Evanston, Wyoming, woke up and walked outside her home one morning, she was shocked.

Her walls were covered in graffiti messages blasting her for being in the military:

Image Credit: Screenshot

Image Credit: Screenshot

The comments, appearing in black paint, stated things such as “die for what?” and “f*** the military”, writes KUTV.


Image Credit: Screenshot

McEuen posted the images on Facebook, with this message:

I’ve been attacked, and the vandal can’t spell. Apparently I’m a ‘soilder’ instead of soldier.

The small town’s mayor, Kent Williams, was speechless about the attack:

This makes no sense. It’s something we can’t get our minds around right now. I’m without words.

It’s absolutely out of character for our little community. I’d like to believe we’re as patriotic as any community can be. This kind of thing just isn’t us.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Once residents heard about the vandalism, they showed up in droves to help McEuen:

Image Credit: Screenshot

Image Credit: Screenshot

Local businesses even paid for the cleaning supplies. Others provided food for the volunteers.

Then people even offered McEuen money to help pay for school and bills, but she declined. Instead, she has bigger plans for the donations. On her Facebook wall, she wrote:

There is no go fund me account, and that’s ok I am able to work and eventually I will earn the money I need. There is a donation fund for a reward to capture the vandal and once donations have met the limit of the reward the extra money collected will go to a charity I picked called Grace After Fire. The charity helps women veterans help themselves.

Grace After Fire is a health organization that focuses on female veterans.


Like this:

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