Omaha cop due to go on maternity leave Thursday gunned down by wanted felon, cops say

A new mom was gunned down by a fleeing fugitive in a Nebraska back yard one day before she was due to go on maternity leave.

The Omaha gang unit police officer who had given birth to her first child only months earlier was killed Wednesday in a shootout while attempting to bring in a wanted felon.

Kerrie Orozco, 29, was shot while trying to apprehend 26-year-old Marcus D. Wheeler, who was being served a warrant by the police department’s Fugitive Task Force at 1 p.m., according to City of Omaha and police department officials.

Wheeler, wanted to connection with a shooting, reportedly fled on foot from a Vane St. home in north Omaha. He cut through a yard while firing at his pursuers. Three cops, including Orozco, eventually caught up with Wheeler and opened fire, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

Orozco, who was part of the gang unit, is the first female police officer in the department to die in the line of duty. She is the 25th Omaha officer killed on duty overall and the first since 2003.

Wheeler, 26, also died of injuries from the shooting near 30th Street and Martin Avenue. Wheeler was a convicted felon and a known gang member, police said.

Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco.  Marcus Wheeler, a suspect who was being sought by police for an Omaha shooting. 

Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco (l.) and wanted suspect Marcus Wheeler. Both Orozco and Wheeler where shot and killed when Omaha police served a warrant Wednesday.

That’s when Orozco was shot.

The fugitive continued to flee and was wounded in a yard three houses away, police said. He was found with a high capacity magazine.

Both Orozco and Wheeler were pronounced dead at Creighton University Medical Center, the city said


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