Cold-hearted criminal who stabbed Brooklyn grandma 15 times and ‘used her as a pin cushion’ gets slammed with 75 years in prison

Shytuan Breazil barely had a reaction Tuesday when he was slapped with 75 years in prison for almost killing a Brooklyn grandmother.A Brooklyn judge threw the book at a cold-hearted criminal who broke into a 75-year-old woman’s apartment and and viciously stabbed her 15 times after being enraged that she only had $40.

“This was a horrific crime of unspeakable violence,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent DelGiudice said about Shytuan Breazil as he sentenced him to 75 years in prison.

Breazil, 22, was convicted last month of attempted murder, burglary and robbery.

He “savagely” broke into Alvita Morales’ Boerum Hill apartment on Sept. 18, 2013 demanding $1,000 from her.

When she only handed over $40, “he used her as a pin cushion, stabbing her over and over then checking her for dead,” said Assistant District Attorney Kori Medow.

A courageous Morales, now 77, pretended to be dead in a pool of her blood as Breazil ransacked her apartment.

“Ms. Morales is a remarkable woman,” said Medow.

“This could of easily been a murder case.”

Morales’ grandson was friends with Breazil, who she would feed whenever he made visits.

“This defendant is a predator, a predator of the worst kind, he preyed against the elderly. Society must be protected from people like you,” said DelGiudice, who presided over Breazil’s jury trial.

“My client suffers mental illness. Has a history of abuse, neglect, and is suicidal,” said Breazil’s attorney, Terrence Sweeney, who filed a motion to appeal the sentence.

Breazil declined to speak on his own behalf and casually grimaced when he learned his fate.

District Attorney Kenneth Thompson said, “This defendant savagely stabbed a defenseless 75-year-old woman all over her body, robbed her of what little money she had and then left her to die. He deserves every day of his 75-year prison sentence.”


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