She’s Coming Out of the Shadows to Share Horrifically Graphic Photos of Abuse For One Purpose

Imgur user celestialstien is a survivor.


She recently made it out of an incredibly abusive relationship. Along with a collection of graphic photos, she shares her courageous story and adds her words of inspiration.

“I am a regular on Imgur usually just lurking in the background but today I’ve decided to post the fact that I have just come out of a two year abusive relationship.”


“Getting out of an abusive relationship is extremely difficult — especially when the relationship dwells on isolation and your self confidence is beaten literally to nothing but I want to STAND UP today as a voice for men/women who are in the same position I was and say you can get out and the world on the other side is beautiful.”


“All I want to say to others in my position is:

The decision to leave is not an easy one to make but it might have been one of the most important decisions you’ve ever made.”


“You’re very courageous for having made it this far, but a high percentage of abusive relationships can drag on much longer than the first break-up. Don’t let it happen.”


“Learn to stay on course and begin the process of healing physically and emotionally to avoid slipping back into an abusive situation.”


“Learn to help yourself. AVOID ALL CONTACT WITH YOUR ABUSER and the most difficult part — start learning to love yourself again. Rediscover the things you love and I am here for you Imgurians as a survivor.”


I may have no money to my name anymore but I have a wealth of love/knowledge/support around me and I am truly thankful to be where I stand.

Her photos — while graphic — tell the true story of domestic abuse.

Her honest words may serve to impart wisdom on those going through similar situations.

And while she suffered an immense amount of pain along the way, the important thing is this: she survived.


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