School sports shed causes major controversy

A local high school sports program could be in jeopardy, and a coach’s job on the line, over a donation meant to help student players.

There isn’t a parent at Arbor View High School who’s not aware of the “clubhouse controversy.”

It started two years ago with a group of baseball parents who simply wanted to improve the Aggie’s facilities. The parents came up with drawings, and financing for a clubhouse, but couldn’t get an answer from the school administration about  moving forward with any plans.

“We spun our wheels for two years,” Arbor View booster Carl Pastrone said.

The parents were told the clubhouse would need to be built near the girls softball field.

“It was silly, it was our funds, private funds. We were like that’s not such a great deal,” Pastrone said.

But a great dead did surface. There was a company willing to give Arbor View a precast one-story building for free that could be used as a clubhouse or shed for sports equipment.

“We talked with administration at Arbor View they were aware of it and said, yeah, OK,” Pastrone said.

It was assembled last September on the school’s property.

“Once she went up, that’s when all the problems started, about the shed,” parent Mary Fitzhugh said.

Another parent, who asked not to be identified because she fears retribution for talking about the shed, spoke with 8 News NOW.

“There was nothing disguised, nothing with ill intent, there was nothing malicious,” she said.

Five months after the shed was moved to the school property, Clark County School District officials said it had to be removed because of Title 9 infractions.

“Title 9, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that or not, it requires that we have equal facilities for boys programs and girls programs,” said Joe Murphy, Clark County School District. “So what was constructed at Arbor View if we put the facility exact same structure on the girl’s side, then we’d be in compliance with Title 9, but if we put that on the boys side and a tough shed on the girls side, we have a compliance problem and that’s not something we can allow.”

“CCSD higher ups came down and went into the principals office, blew a gasket, ‘we want this coach fired,'” Pastrone said.

8 News NOW talked to Coach Jay Guest and he is concerned about job security.

“I’m definitely am looking and reviewing the situation, but at the end of the day, assistant chiefs don’t hire and fire coaches, that’s a building principal’s job,” Murphy said.

A shed built to move from one part to another part that could put a coach at risk of losing his job. It’s disheartening,” said the parent who asked not to be identified.

“Over a shed, over a shed, it’s a shed and it’s not even a nice shed, it’s an equipment shed,” Fitzhugh said.

Arbor View parents arranged for the shed to be removed for free. They claim they could have made money through a sale, but CCSD sent it out for bid, which came back at $21,000 to remove the one-story structure.

“It’s been contracted out, we want to have them come in and do the demolition,” Murphy said. “That’s something on district property, that’s certainly a decision we can make.”

“They took some funds out of the baseball program and Arbor View,” Pastrone said. “They’ve already taken that money, that money is out of our account.”

“The money that we fundraised, the amount that was in our account ready to be paid for uniforms and the stuff you have during the year has been taken, which was over $10,000 to help with removal costs, so we have no money,” the unidentified parent said.

Because of a shed, the Aggie’s spring fundraising money is gone, it’s caused a rift between some parents, and a coach may actually lose his job.

“It’s a sad commentary on something that was so well intended, it really was,” said the unidentified parent.

The Title 9 issues are meant to make sports equal for boys and girls equal, but this recent action raises some questions.

Las Vegas High graduate Bryce Harper donated to the boys program, but has the girls benefited?

Also Kris Bryant recently donated clothing and equipment to the Bonanza boys program, did the girls program get the same uniforms and cleats.

Why does Sierra Vista High School have a nice two-story baseball facility and the girls don’t?


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