Stop Google from recording where you travel

It’s no secret that Google has a long history of questionable privacy practices. Usually, the explanation is that the information it collects makes its services better for you, the customer.

In some cases that might be true, but many times the level of recording isn’t something that customers want, such as recording Google Search History. Now, a new type of tracking as come to light and it’s a doozy.

It turns out Google is actually tracking your physical location for the last 30 days. It just takes a smartphone with an active Google Account. That’s pretty much every Android gadget and any Apple gadget that has the Google Search or Google+ app installed.

Google says that knowing your past locations helps it serve you better search results and it helps Google Now give you more accurate information. However, not everyone is going to want that. Fortunately, you can turn it off.

The easiest way to see what location information Google has on you is to go to the Google Location History page (the link is at the bottom of this page). The Location History page shows you the information Google has collected for the last 30 days, which is as long as it keeps records.

By default, it’s set to only show one day, but you can expand it to the full 30 using the drop-down menu under the calendar. It might be interesting to see where it knows you’ve been.

However, you can choose to delete the location information for a single day or the entire history. Just click the links below the calendar.

Of course, Google will still be tracking you. To stop that, click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner and click “History Settings.” Then click the slider for “Places you go.” It will show that it is now paused.

If you would rather manage your location history on your gadget, you can do that, too.

On an iPhone, go to the Google Search app, tap your profile picture and choose Settings. Then tap Privacy>>Location and slide “Location reporting” off. You can also tap “Location history” to delete what it’s already stored. You can also manage what location information Google apps can have in the Settings>>Location Services area.

For Android, go to Settings>>Location>>Google Location history and turn it Off. You can also tap the “Delete Location History” button at the bottom of the screen.


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