Dem Running for Congress Is All About a Higher Minimum Wage…Until It’s Time to Pay His Workers

Ravi Patel (Via Ravi Patel for Congress Facebook Page)

Democratic congressional candidate Ravi Patel has been hammering Republicans for not supporting a higher minimum wage of $10.10 an hour, but the family business he runs is advertising for jobs paying well below that amount.

The Iowan’s campaign is circulating a petition calling it “disgraceful” that full-time workers can earn wages below the poverty line in America:

Petition from Patel for Iowa

But Patel’s own family business, Hawkeye Hotels, is advertising for jobs that pay well below the minimum wage level he’s demanding Congressional Republicans support.

According to the Huffington Post:

Despite Patel’s strong words on a $10.10 minimum wage, several Hawkeye properties have been advertising jobs that pay well below that figure. That includes a housekeeping position in West Virginia starting at $8 per hour; a job as a front desk clerk in Texas at $8.25 and a breakfast cook job in Iowa advertised at $8.50 to $9. Those advertisements were placed on Craigslist for Hampton Inn, Best Western and Residence Inn properties, respectively.

An ad for a laundry attendant position at an Iowa Residence Inn says the worker would earn $8.50 per hour, but the pay “could be more if you also did housekeeping.”

Patel’s campaign is pushing back against the HuffPost story, saying that the minimum wage is important to force competitors to pay the same rate:

“An increase in the federal minimum wage would ensure every business across the economy plays by the same rules. Keeping the minimum wage artificially low penalizes businesses that pay higher labor costs as competitors undercut them.”

Is it “disgraceful” for Patel to call out Republicans while his own business fails to pay the wages he’s pushing be mandated by the federal government?


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