Key figure in Michael Brown case arrested in St. Louis

One week after filing a lawsuit against Ferguson, its former police chief and former police officer Darren Wilson, a key witness in the Michael Brown case has been arrested.

Police sources told FOX2 Dorian Johnson was arrested in North St. Louis Wednesday for resisting arrest.

Police sources said Johnson “interfered” with officers as they were trying to arrest his brother on a drug charge.

It happened in the 5700 block of Acme. Police sources said Johnson’s other brother was also arrested on a robbery charge. Despite being arrested for resisting arrest, police sources said Johnson “was not combative and did not physically confront officers.”

Johnson has been in the spotlight since last August. He was with Michael Brown when Brown was shot to death by former Ferguson Police Darren Wilson.

After the shooting, Johnson joined several others at the scene in calling for Wilson to be arrested for shooting.

A grand jury declined to charge Wilson last November, but last week Johnson’s attorney filed a civil lawsuit against Wilson, Ferguson and former Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson. Johnson is seeking damages of at least $25,000 for what he calls psychological scars and emotional distress.

Johnson could officially be charged as soon as Thursday.


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