Baltimore Police Accused of ‘Wanting War’ for Having Officers Write Simple Phrase on Their Palms

Image Credit: Twitter

Following six Baltimore police officers facing charges for the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police launched a #MyLifeMatters campaign on Twitter:

Reaction to the police union campaign was swift. Some were outraged by it:

Some just didn’t get the purpose of the campaign:

But there was plenty of support, as well:

The Daily Kos was quick to point out that police work isn’t listed in the top ten most dangerous jobs.

What in the world?

After six Baltimore police officers were arrested on felony charges in the death of Freddie Gray, the tone-deaf Baltimore Police Union decided to start a new online campaign called #MyLifeMatters.

Mind you, not one of the officers who played a role in killing Freddie Gray was harmed in any way whatsoever by Gray or anyone else. Why even start such a campaign?

Of the 10 most dangerous jobs in America, being a police officer is not even on the list. Yet they’d have us believe that their job is as dangerous as it gets.

Yeah, your life matters, but we’d like for you to start acting like black lives matter, too.

  1. Logging workers: 127.8
  2. Fishermen: 117.0
  3. Aircraft pilots: 53.4
  4. Roofers: 40.5
  5. Garbage collectors: 36.8
  6. Electrical power line installation/repair: 29.8
  7. Truck drivers: 22.8
  8. Oil and gas extraction: 21.9
  9. Farmers and ranchers: 21.3
  10. Construction workers: 17.4

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