Freddie Gray Lawyer Says Charging 6 Cops with Murder Will End ‘Racist’ Culture. Only One Problem…

The attorney representing Freddie Gray’s family was stunned and gratified by the swiftness of the charges against the police officers involved in Gray’s death, but also hopeful that it will bring an end to what he believes is a corrupt police culture in Baltimore.

Attorney Bill Murphy told CNN’s Michael Smerconish Sunday:

“It sounds like she [State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby] is trying to reassure people that in her administration the system is going to work. Remember, in other administrations the system didn’t work. Police prosecutions were almost non-existent. There were cover-ups that were generally believed by the top brass and covered over by a less-than-thorough investigation themselves.

“I’m thinking a bad police culture…When you have this horrible police culture that’s really based on racism, where cops cover-up other cops’ bad conducts and good cops are afraid to come forward to testify or to report bad cops, that’s a prescription for what you just saw in Baltimore. We’ve got to stop it.”

The State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, charged all six police officers involved in the 25 year old’s death Friday with several charges, including manslaughter, second-degree murder, false imprisonment and misconduct in office.

Just for some background, Baltimore’s police force is commanded by half minority police officers and is headed by a black police commissioner. Furthermore, Baltimore is run by black mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and has been run by Democrats since the late 1960s.

Here is a snapshot of the “racist” police officers being charged with committing a “depraved heart” homicide in the Freddie Gray case:


If you are a fan of Sesame Street, maybe you can follow the “three of these things are not like the others” line of thinking that punches a hole in this attorney’s logic

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