Strong evidence ties two Chattanooga teens to Tunnel Blvd. murder 3 is learning more about the evidence that connects two teens to the murder of a Chattanooga man.

Seventeen-year-old Javonte Davis and 19-year-old Gary Toney Jr. are accused of killing 66-year-old Robert Rutledge in his Tunnel Boulevard apartment, nearly two weeks ago.

“A resident there noticed blood near his door,” said Investigator Matthew Puglise.

Chattanooga homicide investigators were called to the Shepherd Hills Apartment complex Saturday, April 11, where they found the body of 66-year-old Robert Rutledge.

“He was stabbed to death,” said Puglise.

Puglise says Rutledge was stabbed multiple times, and the tip of a knife blade was still stuck in his body. 

“The house was ransacked. You could see where things had been moved,” said Puglise.

A neighbor told police at the scene two men were loading a TV in the back of a white pick up truck. The truck belonged to Rutledge.

In court Investigator Lucas Fuller testified he spotted the truck later that day. Despite being in an unmarked car, Davis and Toney spotted him as well.

“There were shots fired from the driver’s side. And then the passenger came up out of the passenger window. It looked like he sat he sat on the actual window break, where the window rolls up at, and starting unloading,” said Fuller.

The bullets missed officer Fuller, but hit two bystanders, who were not seriously hurt.

A chase was on. Davis lost control of the truck, crashing it in a Brainerd neighborhood.

Toney and Davis’ girlfriend, who was also in the truck, were arrested on the spot. Officers caught Davis knocking on a neighbor’s door.

Investigators worked quickly to tie Toney and Davis to Rutledge’s murder, searching Toney’s home.

“At Mr. Toney’s residence we’ve got bloody clothing, a knife with blood on it, Mr. Rutledge’s mail and some shoes?” asked District Attorney General Neal Pinkston. “Correct,” said Puglise.

The bloody knife had a missing tip. There were also bleach bottles in the home. Puglise says Rutledge’s apartment was covered in it, in a clean up attempt. Also, Davis’ girlfriend was wearing a necklace that had belonged to Rutledge.

“I’m just thankful there weren’t more people hurt,” said Judge Clarence Shattuck.

The case has been sent to the grand jury. Both Davis and Toney are being held on no bond. Davis’ juvenile girlfriend is also facing multiple charges.


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