Family marks slaying as accused teen killer gets new murder charge

We just pray that we get justice and we want your death to be an example“.

The family of 24-year old Kenneth “Ken-Ken” Hall gather and pray where the father of two was brutally gunned down six months to the day at Chattanooga’s Shepherd Hills Apartments.

“It was hard on me a couple of months ago because of the holidays and his birthday just passed,” cries Hall’s mother Shynita Collins, who says her grief is compounded by the fact that her son’s alleged trigger man, faces another murder charge in connection with the killing of Robert Rutledge, 11 days ago at the same apartment complex.

“I just don’t understand how somebody commits murder and then gets a bond for 46-thousand dollars, like who does that?”

“The system works, but sometimes it has flaws and this might be the opportunity to correct those flaws,” says Hall’s cousin Rufus McKinney, who also wonders how a 17-year old charged with murder was allowed to bond out of jail and allegedly kill again.

Not only am I blaming the court system, but also the people who voted them in, people that elected them in, they’re also responsible for this,” notes McKinney.

Hall’s mother-in-law Norma Ferrer says she won’t allow city officials to forget about her slain son-in-law.  Ferrer has this message for the Mayor.

“And I’m not going to stop calling your office and I’m not going to stop sending you letters, you’re going to get a phone call every day until you prove to us that you love this city enough to stop the crime. Because its your job to do that!”

As for Shynita, she says her opinion of her son’s accused killer has changed, noting how little if any remorse he had at his last court appearance.

“I had compassion for him because he was a juvenile even though he took a life from me, but then, he gonna turn around and kill somebody else?  You ain’t learned your lesson?”

The 17-year old accused Jovante Davis is now being held without bond as both murder cases snake through the criminal justice system.


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