Stranger captures heartwarming act of kindness by restaurant worker

Restaurant worker helping elderly man cross street photoIt’s a simple photo, but the act behind it speaks volumes.

Erin Ruszkowski was sitting in her car on Tuesday, playing a game on her phone, when she saw an elderly man struggling to cross the street outside Johnny’s New York Style Pizza in East Cobb.

Ruszkowski, who is nine months pregnant, was waiting for her husband at the time.

She says an employee from the restaurant also noticed the man struggling and ran out to help.

“The employee stops, looks at him, runs out and asked, ‘Are you OK? Would you like some help?’ Literally gave his hand and they slowly walked across the street,” Erin said. “They got inside and he took him straight to a table. He was smiling and patting him on the back the entire time.”

She says, as she watched the story unfold, it reminded her that there are good people in the world. She snapped the photo.

“I’ve been so distracted by all the stories on the news today about hate and everyone bashing each other and you kind of forget that, for the most part, people are good,” Erin said. “Race is a big issue these days. That worker didn’t see a white man, he saw a man who needed his help.”

Erin says she was humbled to have witnessed the moment. She says she wishes she’d gone back into the restaurant to thank the worker for his act of kindness, but had this message for him: “Somebody noticed that you are a kind person. It made my day and hopefully it can make someone else’s.”

We contacted the owner of the restaurant and are still working to identify the worker.


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