Sheriff David Clarke Slams Holder’s ‘Empty Rhetoric’ And ‘Junk Report’

Milwaukee County David Clarke appeared with Neil Cavuto yesterday and criticized Attorney General Eric Holder’s response to the police shootings in Ferguon, Missouri as “empty rhetoric.” He also referred to the Justice Department’s report about racism in the Ferguson police department as a “junk report.”

Cauvto showed a clip of Holder calling the shooter a “damned punk.” He also shared a tweet from President Obama that condemned the police shootings.

Clarke was not impressed.

“This war on our nation’s finest — the American police officer — continues,” he said. “And it continues to be fueled by some very important people. I think it’s empty rhetoric for what Eric Holder offered today and the President, through a tweet of all things, when they have now an obligation to stand up and remind people in these urban ghettos and the American ghettos that they have a responsibility to comply with law enforcement officers’ commands…”

He also slammed Holder’s report showing widespread racism in the Ferguson police department as a “junk report,” claiming that there was “no objectivity” on the part of the Attorney General.

“He cherry-picked a few emails and he misappliedused a misapplication of data and statistics,” Clarke said.

Have a look at the video below.


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