Hondurans Demand A Safer Way To Sneak Into The US


The most popular way for Central Americans to get the US border is by hoping trains hobo-style in Mexico, but riding the rails comes with risks. Besides gangs and police, one of the biggest pitfalls is that many potential illegal aliens aren’t very good at jumping on trains and end up under the wheels loosing limbs in the process. A group of Honduran amputees have had enough of this “injustice” and are demanding that Mexico make it safer for them to sneak into the United States.

The Los Angles Times reports:

Some armless, others hobbling on spindly prosthetic legs, Honduran migrants came to Mexico City this week to protest their plight. Maimed in Mexico when they tried to catch a precarious train to reach the United States, they feel forgotten, ignored and with little reason to live.

How sad, right? Can you believe the heartless Mexican government that forced these Hondurans to sneak into Mexico and take a dangerous journey so they can then sneak into the US? Don’t worry, though they are crippled and maimed they still intend on entering America illegally:

On Sunday, they gathered under an enormous flagpole in the center of the downtown Zocalo, or central plaza, waving hand-scrawled signs asking for support. On Monday and Tuesday, they protested outside the Mexican Senate. They hope to continue to the northern border by the end of the week and take their message to the United States.

Now get ready for some outrage. Check out what this guy says:

Our visa [to enter the U.S.] is our mutilation, our handicap, our lost arms and legs,” said Jose Luis Hernandez, 29, of Progreso, Honduras.

I’m sure Obama is working on an executive order to grant asylum to people that main themselves while breaking the law, but under current US immigration policy no such statute exists.

So what exactly do these limbless Hondurans want from the Mexican government? Well:

Their argument is that if the Mexican government would offer free passage across Mexico, migrants would not be forced to ride the dangerous train. In addition to the peril of having to cling to the roof or sides of the lumbering freighter, armed gangs as well as police routinely attack the migrants, stealing money, raping women and sometimes even hurling travelers from the train.

This is all pretty infuriating, but there’s one thing in the LA Times article that really got my blood boiling:

Far from offering free passage, however, the government last year launched “Operation Southern Border” which aimed to prevent Central Americans from boarding the train or traveling north through Mexico. Tens of thousands of Central Americans were deported.

If Mexico deports Central American illegal aliens en masse, why can’t we do the same thing with Mexican illegal aliens? Why is it so easy for Mexico to boot people who shouldn’t be there, but we struggle to deport even the most violent of felons? Our immigration system is truly broken, but not in the way liberals say it is.

This Honduran protest takes illegal immigrants’ sense of entitlement to a new level of insanity. Not only do they feel they have a right to bypass our laws and reap all of the benefits of citizenship, because they mutilated themselves in acts of stupidity they also believe they have even more of a claim to our resources.

Let’s face it, amputees are not sneaking into the US to work manual labor jobs; they’re coming for those sweet social programs and a Presidential promise of amnesty.


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