Obama: It’s Easier To Buy A Handgun Than A Vegetable

Here’s some more insanity from Obama’s anti-gun speech at the all-black Benedict College in South Carolina yesterday. The President said with a straight face that it is much easier to buy a handgun than it is to purchase a vegetable. Clearly he has never shopped for either of these items and is blissfully unaware of the laws regulating them.

The anti-gun statements begin at about the 1:08 mark:

“It is hard to reduce the easy availability of guns,” lamented Obama.

The President then unloaded this completely incoherent diatribe:

“As long as you can go on into some neighborhoods, and it’s easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book, there are neighborhoods where it’s easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable. As long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence.”

As opposed to “necessary” violence I suppose. I am unaware of any modern handguns that take “clips” but I know first hand what it takes to buy one. Here in sunny California, I have to take a handgun safety test, pay a fee, pass a background check, pay another fee, and then wait ten days to take possession of my firearm. After that, I have to wait another 30 days before I can purchase another handgun. To buy a bunch of carrots, I simply pick them out and pay for them. It’s equally easy to purchase books if you can believe it.

If this purchasing process is different in other parts of the country, I think Obama should seriously consider de-regulating the book and vegetable industries. It makes me furious that some people don’t have fair access to literature and lettuce.

That was pretty bad, but Obama wasn’t done embarrassing himself with his epic ignorance:

Despite the failure of Congress to act, despite the failure of too many state legislators to act, in fact, in some place it is goes in the opposite direction. People just say, ‘ well we should have firearms in kindergarten and we should have machine guns and you know in bars.’ You think I’m exaggerating, you look at some of these laws that come up,” said Obama making it up as he went along.

Isn’t it terrifying that we have a Commander In Chief that doesn’t know the difference between a machine gun and a semi-automatic rifle? Beyond that, I welcome him to show me any legislation, proposed or passed, which seeks to put machineguns in bars. Besides being completely ignorant, Obama is also a pathological liar. These laws simply do not exist.

To that end, there is also no one trying to arm kindergartners as the President suggests. Trying to get armed resource officers in schools and wanting to train and arm teachers to protect children is not “putting firearms in kindergarten.” We actually have a President that thinks protecting children is a terrible thing.

To recap, here are the things the President of the United States says he’s not exaggerating about: Guns are easier to buy than books. Guns are easier to buy than vegetables. Pro-gun supporters want machine-guns in bars. Pro-gun supporters want kindergarteners packing heat. None of this is remotely true and once again Obama has proven that the truth is what he says it is.


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