Baltimore TV station apologizes for deceptive edit of protest chant

A Baltimore TV station issued an on-air apology Monday after airing a deceptive edit of a protest chant as part of news coverage of a recent demonstration in Washington, D.C., against police brutality.

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Fox affiliate WBFF-TV Baltimore carried a report on Sunday that made it sound as if a group of protestors at the Dec. 13 Justice for All march in Washington had chanted “Kill a cop.” The actual chant was “We won’t stop. We can’t stop ’til killer cops are in cell blocks.”

A Baltimore woman, Tawanda Jones, led the chant, and her complaints about the WBFF report led news anchor Jeff Barnd to issue an on-air apology. Jones appeared on the station’s 5 p.m. newscast Monday in a live interview to discuss the situation, according to a report by Baltimore’s Sun Times.

WBFF reps have not elaborated on how the edit made it on to the air.

The Justice for All march  came in response to the recent string of deaths of black men in altercations with police officers. The Rev. Al Sharpton was among the speakers.


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